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I have these green suede indy's from Unionmade The picture is probably darker than how they look in person. These are probably a better rep of the color I find them very versatile, work well with blue, black, grey, brown. The green isn't bright or obnoxious, they're a "safe" color. A green...
Alden tanker from context
I have, never had an issue with them. Shipment is usually next day to u.s. also haven't been hit with fees.
I'm a fan of these (don't like the single sole too much). Prices are a little higher, though
did a search for the 4A06, which brought me to this SF thread The last post has other numbers that lead to these links mdubs has them as color 8, second shoe down (or a very similar looking shoe) here is another...
EBay score landed, ravello on the Plaza last. Right toe definitely a little darker,but looks more pronounced in pics Special shout-out to @SpooPoker for the heads up!
I have this one, very well made. The suede lining is very soft
Frans Boone Snuff Suede Captoes Parajumpers
12D TTSI'm a 10.5D Barrie/Trubalance, 11 in Grant
NMWA dudes, the tuxedo is absolutely P-I-M-P peeeeiimp!!
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