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Wear something that will allow you to whip it out with a moments notice with ease.
How about pants?
Quote: Originally Posted by Uncontrol This thread hasn't been posted in since September last year. Good job. Exactly, what type of person creates an account just to bring back a rather unimportant thread that has been dead for almost a year?
Have a buddy who wears one and he really pulls it off but he's the only example I can think of. I look like a complete fool in a leather blazer, I will stick with my bomber jacket. Most folks end up looking like this
Quote: Originally Posted by blueSF Well, four responses within a couple of hours. That would be a sweet surprise had any of the four responses been anything but catty, dull and unhelpful. I'm reminded of the time my mother walked into a music store and asked the clerk for his suggestions for some classical musical she could play in the background while she worked. The clerk, such a stupid, old, go-nowhere snob replied: Classical music is not elevator...
62. You get caught checking out a gorgeous women's ass and your excuse of just seeing what brand of jeans she was wearing is believable. More of sw&d but whatever
Quote: Originally Posted by Uncontrol Get a sleeve and put it in whatever bag you like. +1 if you already have the northface backpack, if on a limited budget why get a whole new bag.
Quote: Originally Posted by enarchay Any idea where to grab either the Gentleman's Traveler or the Iron Ranger at a good price or on sale? Check ..........com, there r tons of rep codes to be found online for 20% off so you save $50. Also came across this on piperlime if anyone is interested, only size 12 though. http://piperlime.gap.com/browse/product.do?searchCID=47347&vid=1&pid=668781&scid=668781002
Quote: Originally Posted by Mr.K Filson has a great canvas tote with bridle leather straps that should be more than big enough. It comes in tan, green and brown. I have a tan that is my go to bag for almost any occasion, including boating on the weekends with the family. The best thing is it is only around a $100.00. +1 Head Porter is cool but its a less sturdy bag, more expensive, lacks leather straps and you may need to have it shipped...
Quote: Originally Posted by HRoi i've always had a thing for Jessica Alba. but Jessica Biel has/had what i would consider the perfect body - fit and curvy but not overly anorexic or muscular. But don't you feel she sorta has mannish shoulders? Even though she may be one of the most beautiful women in the world, I guarantee shes a bit insecure about it. Btw I voted for Biel LOL
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