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I'm not very cynical about the market for fake vintage Omega's on Ebay. They generally aren't worth enough to copy, and anything you're going to be shopping for will have a few years of petina on it already - so just avoid "too new" looking watches and there's step 1. Step 2: buy from trusted sellers. Step 3: find a model you want. I have had my 1975 Seamaster for 9 years now (ref 176.007), it looks exactly like this one (mine has a brown croc strap): That watch was...
Seems to be the consensus. As soon as they're broken in they're gross. Here are some Sperry's for $80. I could wear them for a few months...
What are your recommendations for comfortable drivers under $200 or so? I've tried the sperry gold cup and cole haan and each hasn't lasted very long (sort of my go-to casual shoe in the summer). Not sure if this fits best in MC or SW&D... Sue me if it's been covered recently. Still figuring out the new format.
Well this is boring compared to yours, but here's Louisiana alligator:
Agree 100%. The fun of the B&S is sifting through huge "closet clean-out" threads and finding gems. If I knew what I was looking for I'd probably be on ebay, If you're looking for statistics, just take a look at how few items have been listed in the classifieds; the old system did multiple pages per day.
Stitch a brown suede pad to the right shoulder and you'd have a baller shooting jacket...
Just posting here so I can check out the pics later
check out Stubbs & wootton. I wouldn't wear anything with "billionaire" blazoned all over the place, especially if I were one.
Pm sent for shirt and ties 4,5,7,8,9
Inspired to find some turquoise pants in my size now...
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