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A sketchy request? Because I don't want a black mark through the maker label of my tux that I bought on ebay. Jesus. As if that one little Sharpie line is all that stands between me and a full cash refund from Neiman Marcus. I didn't know it would be marked when I bought it and I just didn't want it there - what is the big deal? I'm not trying to cut off a mattress tag here, folks.Oh, and nail polish remover worked like a charm. Thanks for all the assistance.Of...
Because I'm an insecure twit - and I don't want my girlfriend/dry cleaner seeing it. And no, not planning to sell. I bought the jacket on ebay and had enough trouble getting Polo to sell me a new pair of pants to match.I read an earlier thread where a guy had his tailor remove the tag, then get the line out and sew it back. I'm not going that far but if I can do it for a couple bucks, why not?
That's my next suit. I actually took a cellphone pic when I saw it in the Highland Park store. Great wedding suit, too.
I bought a Polo tux on ebay and didn't realize it had a sharpie line through the label on the inside. I've read online that Magic Erasers are good for removing sharpie from clothes, but wasn't sure how it would work on the label. Any other ideas? Thanks
Become a lawyer in New Orleans. It's compulsory.
I sold an Hermes dress shirt for $75 on ebay. I received neutral feedback from the buyer because the shirt arrived wrinkled! A cotton (and machine washable) shirt had the audacity to arrived wrinkled. In 12 years of ebaying that's my only neutral/negative feedback and it still chaps my ass.
On the inside-the-pocket tag, what is the given name of the jacket? The Bradford is the only slim fit Polo jacket I have any experience with. I was in the Highland Park Dallas store last week and didn't see anything like this jacket. Not that I can afford PRL jackets unless they're on sale anyway. Also, it looks damn good. Slim, without the huge shoulders of the RLBL.
I think I want you to get it and post a review. I'm looking to step up from my Jos A Bank tux (which really isn't that bad after tailoring the waist). Best of luck!
Everything is anecdotal, but I just got a RL Polo Bradford fit suit on final sale at Stanley Korshak in Dallas for $570, with tailoring. It's my first NEW suit. Previously I've bought everything on the B&S forum here and on ebay. I can't tell you how many BAD purchases I have made on here with jackets I thought would fit. To some, it's worth tossing around a little money to find that diamond in the rough, but I spent way too much money chasing big names at...
The Dallas area outlet has one rack where they have super discounted tailored clothing, but I've never found anything good - being a 40R sucks. I think the annual sale gets them down to $760 or so, and considering how hard I've worked to find one I may just bite the bullet. It's a much better fit than the RLBL suits I've got.
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