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Weird, I started this thread and have been through 3 pair since. Just bought these over the weekend: Cole Haan Howland Penny. Found for $100 at Zappos: ETA: Do NOT buy those Sperry's I pictured above; they stink to high-hell after a couple months.
Soft shoulders: Polo Ralph Lauren Less-soft shoulders: RLBL. Cheap as dirt: Suit Supply I just got the Polo version and it, like their suits, fits me like a glove. However, the facings on the RLBL are much more luxurious. If I were to spend more than $2k I would definitely go for the Zegna; it has the best lapel peak I've seen. Though I'd probably get a navy one because they do a fine one.
That tan is freakin' awesome.
Yes. But you might have to go through their MTM program (running now, I believe) to get it. The "BSR" navy suit they have in the store and online is single vent and pleated pants this year, for some stupid reason. Last year it was dual vent and flat front pant (way better). I asked a store rep if I could still get "last year's suit" and he said the way to get it was to request those changes in a MTM basic suit.So the answer is yes, if you know how to ask for it.
If you can spring for it, I'd get a pair with polarized lenses. I've been wearing their Outdoorsman II style for about 10 years - I have them in gold and black, but there are others. I like the wrap around cables.
Mississippi alligator?! Trash.
A sketchy request? Because I don't want a black mark through the maker label of my tux that I bought on ebay. Jesus. As if that one little Sharpie line is all that stands between me and a full cash refund from Neiman Marcus. I didn't know it would be marked when I bought it and I just didn't want it there - what is the big deal? I'm not trying to cut off a mattress tag here, folks.Oh, and nail polish remover worked like a charm. Thanks for all the assistance.Of...
Because I'm an insecure twit - and I don't want my girlfriend/dry cleaner seeing it. And no, not planning to sell. I bought the jacket on ebay and had enough trouble getting Polo to sell me a new pair of pants to match.I read an earlier thread where a guy had his tailor remove the tag, then get the line out and sew it back. I'm not going that far but if I can do it for a couple bucks, why not?
That's my next suit. I actually took a cellphone pic when I saw it in the Highland Park store. Great wedding suit, too.
I bought a Polo tux on ebay and didn't realize it had a sharpie line through the label on the inside. I've read online that Magic Erasers are good for removing sharpie from clothes, but wasn't sure how it would work on the label. Any other ideas? Thanks
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