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I'm trying to decide between The Ashby and The Burnell coats. Both are "modern reworks of the classic Bedale" but I don't really know what that means. From pictures I can see the Ashby is a bit slimmer - but is it the same dimensions as the Burnell? The Burnell has a stand-up collar, which I think I prefer to the corduroy. Also: where can I get one of these rather new jackets on the cheap? The Burnell: The Ashby:
Sorry to bump an ancient thread, but I NEED this jacket in a medium or large. Someone sell me their 3 year old blazer. Surely you're sick of it
You've got sizes 7 and 11, but I'm right in the middle! Show me a 9!
Bookmarked 'til payday.
Weird, I started this thread and have been through 3 pair since. Just bought these over the weekend: Cole Haan Howland Penny. Found for $100 at Zappos: ETA: Do NOT buy those Sperry's I pictured above; they stink to high-hell after a couple months.
Soft shoulders: Polo Ralph Lauren Less-soft shoulders: RLBL. Cheap as dirt: Suit Supply I just got the Polo version and it, like their suits, fits me like a glove. However, the facings on the RLBL are much more luxurious. If I were to spend more than $2k I would definitely go for the Zegna; it has the best lapel peak I've seen. Though I'd probably get a navy one because they do a fine one.
That tan is freakin' awesome.
Yes. But you might have to go through their MTM program (running now, I believe) to get it. The "BSR" navy suit they have in the store and online is single vent and pleated pants this year, for some stupid reason. Last year it was dual vent and flat front pant (way better). I asked a store rep if I could still get "last year's suit" and he said the way to get it was to request those changes in a MTM basic suit.So the answer is yes, if you know how to ask for it.
If you can spring for it, I'd get a pair with polarized lenses. I've been wearing their Outdoorsman II style for about 10 years - I have them in gold and black, but there are others. I like the wrap around cables.
Mississippi alligator?! Trash.
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