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Divert some of your shoe budget to new carpet.
I'm about 180 miles from the nearest store in Dallas. It might be worth it to make a weekend trip for a ~$600 Polo suit. After double checking their stock, of course.
Like what? Alls I want is a basic blue label navy suit for as cheap as possible. What's the deal with the 15% "kicker"? Is this in-store only? I didn't get a postcard this year.
It was posted on Uncrate as a link to Trunk Club, but there is no info on the specific shirt and I don't want to join trunk club for the small possibility they mail me this exact shirt). Gitman's site was unhelpful. I couldn't find it on Need Supply, Mr. Porter or any of the other regular Gitman Vintage retailers. So, SF, any ideas where to find this shirt?
Would kill for this in a 40. GLWS.
For sale is an almost new Ralph Lauren Purple Label black cashmere blazer in 42R made in Italy by St. Andrews. Retail on this jacket is $4995 and I don't think it goes on sale, ever. Here's a chance to own one of the best blazers in the world for 10% of MSRP. No tailor has touched, altered or molested this jacket after it left the Ralph Lauren store. Jacket Features: - Two button closure - Ticket pocket, - "Open" sleeves with antique brass "Ralph Lauren" stamped buttons...
I'm in desperate need of a pair of Polo Tuxedo pants, flat front made in Italy. The code on the inside of my jacket is 7JA6 9 2 Fairbanks Tux. I'm looking for 34 but will be fine with 35 or so too. Thanks
Let me know if you get these in an EU50. I'll take a pair.
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