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I pulled the trigger. It was the last one Polo had in stock (at 70% off, naturally). This will be my 5th good suit, 6th if you count the tuxedo. And my refrigerator is covered in Save The Date's so it should see some good use.
I wore one a lot in my younger years but don't see them around much anymore. I'm considering picking this one up, but not sure how much use I can get out of it: Thoughts?
Just wanted to post some more collar porn of their new 300 shirts ($180). I haven't ordered one yet but I want the white one real bad.
I want university stripes in every color. Thankfully there are some new ones in stock. I also wish they made their non-OCBD's without the front pocket.
Casual Friday and Omega Planet Ocean 2201.50
That's a bargain if I ever saw one.
I may have to make a shopping trip to Tokyo if others have 16.5/33 as a standard size. Far too many of my high dollar shirts have been butchered by local tailors shortening sleeves the wrong way. I just received my second batch of Kamakura: white pinpoint, blue royal oxford spread collar and another blue OCBD. I wish two things: 1) They had university stripes in Tokyo Classic fit and 2) that they did dress shirts without the front pocket. Even with those two quibbles (that...
Well a roper isn't a cowboy boot, but that's not the point either. The point is that those ropers are the most comfortable footwear I own - including running shoes. I wear a brown pair of ropers with chinos but usually wear alligator cowboy boots with a suit when I can get away with it. After wearing Allen Edmonds all day I feel like I could run a 5K when I put my boots on.
One thing about engineers: none of them know how to dress. As everyone else has said: stop buttoning the bottom button on your suit - permanently, buy a white shirt, a subdued tie and some nice shoes and you'll be golden. My friend is a petroleum engineer who makes 4x what I do as an attorney. He wears Lauren by Ralph Lauren suits and Tommy Hilfiger ties. He also bought his wife a Ford Flex so maybe his tastes are bad in every regard. Good luck in your interview.
It's started here in the USA. Call me jaded by SF & eBay, but $1350 for a RLBL Anthony suit just isn't very enticing. The shoe sale doesn't look great, either. Though I do love the dove gray Polo suit that's on sale for $1079...Well, hell. Now the suit's down to $971 shipped. I got a nearly new Polo II suit on ebay last week for $60 so if I bought this one it would be 2 Polo suits for a grand, which is totally justifiable.
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