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I thought the North Korea reference was enough to indicate my sarcasm... Exotic footwear (cowboy boots) are a bad habit of mine, if anything I'm green with envy This is just my baseball game pair:
Well these are going to last all of 5 seconds...
Quote: Originally Posted by isshinryu101 Uh, not exactly... Your elusiveness on this question leads me to believe these are not vintage, but newly commissioned. Probably somewhere really shady, like North Korea - but I'm not sure they have capable cobblers.
Next time be quicker with your phone's camera
Quote: Originally Posted by mr monty Take a trip thru midwest and southern USA Woah, now. I'm in the south. And I haven't seen a Tommy Hilfiger shirt in 9 years - since I was laughed at for wearing one Freshmen year of college.
I tried on virtually the same suit recently except it was their 1220 line, it even made me look like a million bucks. Too bad I have to pay $1300 to take the bar exam instead.
I'd join clubs just to wear that navy tux more often...
Am I allowed to bump a WTB? Well, here goes.
Received my Tyrwhitt shirt. Wearing it right now, actually. Thanks again
Received my RLPL OCBD yesterday. Great shirt and super fast shipping! Thanks again!
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