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I'd join clubs just to wear that navy tux more often...
Am I allowed to bump a WTB? Well, here goes.
Received my Tyrwhitt shirt. Wearing it right now, actually. Thanks again
Received my RLPL OCBD yesterday. Great shirt and super fast shipping! Thanks again!
Excellent transactions with: jpo, highgrade, matt22616, MBreinin, jerrybrowne, whusurdadi, jevum.
I like the Royal Oak as "something different" but it definitely looks straight out of the '80s. In a good way. I know you said no to the Rolex, but as far as investment is concerned it's far and away the best brand for resale (or to trade for your life in a 3rd world country). A good alternative to a "standard" Rolex is a gold Daytona on a leather strap. If it's good enough for Steve McQueen, it's good enough for me. I applaud you for branching out, though. All...
I am really envious of my girlfriend's soul-less retail return attitude. If there is anything awry she'll take it back for a refund, even if it's been worn or washed. Me, I've found stains on shirts after getting them home and OxyCleaned them instead of returning. But you said the sales guy was pretentious, so who gives a hoot.
Quote: Originally Posted by Klobber Cool, what was the $$ damage? I will be going to New Orleans this summer. On sale from $500 to $400 - the "impulse" was because the sale was ending that day, and after losing an ebay auction for a RLBL Anthony I was tired of looking for good bargains online. Rubenstein's and George Bass are the "it" places to go in New Orleans. Each has some pretty extensive seasonal sales. Quote: I'm not...
Quote: Originally Posted by Klobber Looks good, length good, rest of fit good. Is that the shortest single vent on a jacket I have seen? Or is it a non vented jacket with a crumple / wrinkle at the back? Thanks, and yes that's a single vent. Suit is made by Paul Betenly for Rubenstein's New Orleans - reviews on Betenly suits are few and far between, but I went for it. It's at the tailor shop now getting pants brought up a tad, and cleaned. ...
Thanks, I'll have them taken up another inch or so - it's tough to get an appropriate length to wear with cowboy boots and dress shoes.
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