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Welp, this has to be the first SF thread to make the front page of Deadspin.
So this new line of suits is a stop-gap between Corneliani and HF?
I agree about the price - $1500 for blue label was tough to stomach, not that I ever bought at full retail. I'm already excited thinking ahead to a year from now when they go on sale for the first time.Even Rugby was made there!
Looks like the first results of this are on sale now. HUGE price reduction - Blue Label suits now start at $995 - but I wonder what their quality is like compared to the Corneliani that I had come to love. Polo Navy Suit I spoke to an employee at the Ralph Lauren store in Highland Park, Dallas; he told me their shop was moving to Black & Purple label only. Wonder if that, combined with the new lower prices, means that Blue Label will be found in more department stores...
Up for sale is a NWT Oxxford (made in USA) tie. It is a blend of linen and silk and has a nice heavy flax feel to it. Asking $70 shipped CONUS. Tie is 57" x 3.4"
Great review. In my experience the dress shirts fit a little snugger around the neck than the oxfords - or maybe the same, I don't use the top button on the oxford. I wear a 16.5/33 in every company's shirt but with Kamakura I find it more comfortable to size up to a 17/33.5" Tokyo Regular Fit.
Not at all! I had mine shorten a NY Classic fit to make it a 16.5/33" - some 3" shorter than normal - and it turned out fine. Any competent tailor can reel in sleeve length.
I'll answer for OP: Yes, this is made in Italy. I have this tux and get compliments every time I wear it. This is a steal at $300.
Really? I wear a Tokyo Classic Fit and have little girlish
I'm in Louisiana but I'll give them a call. The cut-rate website has me intrigued.I've been scouring the 'bay every few days but no luck so far. I'm a 40R, which isn't helping.
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