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Koss Porta Pro, I have couple of those. Very retro and nice sound quality.
Hi, I use weekend bag quite often. I carry clothes, laptop etc.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mr. Walter Trent Well played! You have good taste. Small batch Japanese whiskey is really in a league of its own these days. Thanks! I am a huge fan of Japanese whiskeys. I have made one trip to Japan (Nagoya and Tokyo) in 2008 and tasted wide selection of different whiskeys from Suntory, Nikka and Hanyu Ichiro. I bought Suntory Hibiki 17y, Yamazaki 12y, Nikka 10y and 12y with me for a souvenirs. And now...
Nikka Yoichi 10y. Highly recommend.
Manager in ICT, head of platform+server etc. technology consultants and engineers
I own couple pairs of Ermenegildo Zegna shoes, they are excellent in quality etc. I have seen Z Zegna shoes only in pictures. What makes them junk? Just interested to know how they differ from EZ..
Clynelish 14y single malt. Excellent.
I would start looking from Galeries Lafayette (40 Boulevard Haussmann). There are huge collections of clothes (btw I think -50% sale is on). Also you will find lots of stores and boutiques around it. Most designer boutiques etc. are located at Rue Francois 1er.
My Borsalino leather/techno fabric briefcase with orange stitchings.
I have pair of these gloves made by Sakari Sauso Excellent quality and fit. Material is peccary/cashmere.
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