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Neognosis...I'm glad you liked it. I made it just for you.
Here's a short video of my Iron Ranger Boots.
I picked up the leather laces from a shoe repair place/cobbler shop here in the Dallas area for $5.99. They came in 72 inch length so I cut off about 8 inches to get them down to size.
Today I picked up a pair of Red Wing Iron Rangers in Amber Harness (8111). I immediately replaced the laces with a pair of dark brown leather laces. In my opinion they give the boot the high end look that they deserve. Let me know what you think.
Mine are all broken in now...
Now those look good. Enjoy em!
Well here it is. I bought this about 4 years ago.
That's funny. Nah...but seriously, I have to be on a 7:30 AM conference call every morning...which happens to be when I'm taking these photos (We have a number of key people in India so that's the reason for such an early call). I'm not one of those guys who walks around all day with a blue-tooth in his ear, but I have to be listening in case I need to chime in or provide input.
Casual Friday...
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