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Its not really a blazer if it doesn't have gold buttons.
That tie is outRAGEOUS.I love it.
I rarely post in here, but today for once I was pretty confident about my fit. I left the ties hanging on the rack today. Tax season is over and I'm tired of looking like a drone! Comments and feedback welcome, obviously. [[SPOILER]] I also want to say that this thread has been pretty damn inspiring lately.
This looks to be a button down collar. Not sure of the maker, but the medium length points vaguely suggest Brooks Bros.
I worked there as a sales guy for about 9 months in 2010. They most definitely did all alterations on site. The tailors I worked with at my store were actually quite talented, and I trusted some of my own pieces to them on several occasions. One of them would do MTM shirts for another, very small shop as a side gig, also with good results. They would often re-cut the really cheap stuff for our broke-but-fit-concious customers and it would come out looking pretty fantastic...
Color photos would be nice, but the gown is beautiful. Extravagant but tasteful. Ralph's specialty, I suppose. Also the "19th Century / Bygone American" aesthetic of the photo is mildly to moderately obnoxious.
Switch the jeans to raw/dark wash denim and pick a slightly dressier shoe and this would be killing it.
CBD thread should give you some good pointers.
Any shots as part of an ensemble?
I was not denying that the service was questionable at best, but a major bargain may be worth taking a chance on. Thats all.
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