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Anyone here have an old Suzuki GN400?
Normally someone replying would get all butt hurt and bent out of shape because they are a stupid 16 yo kid that read an article about them in a magazine and thinks, "hey! I wanna get big without any work! Sign me up!"I've had the proper blood work done, my T levels are low for my age and genetics and my doc admits that a cycle is worth a shot. I've been lifting for years, eating right, etc. I'm not an idiot.
Hello all, Iurk way too much haha! Just finished the 10 week program from M&F it was good, but I wouldn't call it a "mass" routine. I think whatever mass I added came from the creatine. I do notice some areas lacking, and I can't seem to get past a certain weight and size barrier. Doc thinks this is because I spent too much time in HS trying to stay at a light weight for wrestling and I've messed up my body growth. I am 5'6" (+1" on my father) and around 145lbs (-50lbs...
Anyone here involved with health care PR? I graduate with my BS in PR this December and I'm honesty not a fan of corporate PR and there isn't a lot of $$ in NPO public relations.
Another blog post, I'm almost done with the bike! My Motorcycle Diaries Pt. II, Section II “The Joys of 44 Year Old Paint” Or, click here to see all my motorcycle posts, as well as my build threads:
Maybe its just me be stubborn, but I just don't feel the need to pay a tax and take a test to prove I'm good at something I've been doing since I had a 50cc pit bike when I was 8. That's my outlook. I should have been grandfathered into a license or something. I'm only 22, but I have 14 years of riding experience, with only once crash when I was 11, and that was on a 150cc KTM that was WAY TOO BIG for me at the time.Yes, I have regular license, as well as my CDL and...
But I'm a Public Relations major, and we write entirely differently than anyone else in the Journalism program. We're more "creative writers" and "journalism writers." I write how I want to in a PR situation. I let the creative direction dictate the body copy, not the other way around.
Yes, its like JOURN 104 or something like that. Its the first journalism writing class you take in college to get rid of bad habits that high school teachers give to young impressionable students. Things that are opinion, saying someone "He coughed, 'Hello.'" because you can't cough something, but you can say something while coughing, etc, etc.
IMO, and my experience, you'd be better served will a smaller-ish bike.Suzuki makes the "Savage" aka S40. Its a 600cc bike, which is great around town, and plenty for the highway (if you're doing the limit ) My dad had one that I rode around on for awhile. I'm thinking about getting one when I get back from my deployment and building a cafe racer from the RYCA kit.Next fall, dump it and get a vintage Asian bike and rebuild it. You can work on it during the non-riding...
I'm one of these guys.Never had one, and more than likely never will get one.
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