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OMG. Dude that would've sucked if it was a gas tanker.
^ Speak english or go home beeeaccch.
If u ain't ballin with LV, you a noBUDY. <--- see that period? END OF DISCUSSION!
If the kids are fine, why does it matter? They aren't being abused or neglected. The mother just needs the pot as an escape. Abeit it is an illegal one but w/e.
I can't wait until you guys get to hear the whole album as a collective work of ART! The new ballad called "WHEN DARKNESS TAKES OVER" is just divine! Omg it will literally make you cry soo hard.
Quote: THE NEW YORK HIMES REVIEW! NEW YORK - The ever so tender voices of yesterday's divas have gone AWOL along with the sultry lyrical genius they possessed. Not anymore with the highly anticipated release of Roota Roota! - a must have album by Suta Roota. The wizardry missing from today's music is no longer a dilemma with this new album as it brings you from emotional highs to lows. It invokes hysteria, pride, and dare I say, tear jerking...
Losing weight is your only goal? The only way to accomplish that is to fix your diet and do cardio. You don't even need to do weights. Cardio + Proper Diet = Trims fat If you have lots of fat right now and you do lose the weight, expect to have some saggy skin left over. It might take time for it to tighten up or it may NEVER go away. If it doesn't go away, plastic surgery is the only way.
I guess it is the HOT thing right now....
OMGGGGGGGGG I love you guys. U are my bestest fans.
Contrary to belief that this is another one of my troll attempts...I was actually kind of serious about this one LOL... Oh well... I think it looks good.
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