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I bought these!!!
Practice makes perfect. You really should focus on: 1. Eye on the ball until racquet makes contact with ball. 2. Getting the ball over the net 3. Consistency... You have a lot of space to hit the ball ABOVE the net. Make sure it goes over the net.
I know my Louis Vuittons and those shoes are 100% fake. They don't make such a shoe. And look at the craftsmanship. It just isn't LV quality.
Thanks for the heads up! What about $155 + shipping!!!! Brand new from Apple store!
Quote: Originally Posted by Citroen http://www.jcrew.com/AST/Browse/Mens...1258/91258.jsp just bought these and love them. ME TOO omggg they are soo hawt
I have a brand new 2nd Generation iPod Touch 8GB. Sealed in the box! Anyone interested if I price at $170 + shipping?
Omg the LV Shoes are just vile...Good god that is awful how fake they are.
Aldo - Full black sneakers on sale - $18 American Appearal - Cardigans were 70% off - Got 2 of them for $5.88 each! J Crew - Graphic Tees - $13 each (got 2) Polo Ralph Lauren - Logo Tees - $13 each (got 2) Lacoste - Logo Tee ($19) and Logo Shorts ($19)
Stick with 7 for All Mankind. It is better looking than anything these SF so called "pros" will suggest you. Save yourself the embarrasment and stay away from the suggested ones on this forum.
Israel just put the US in a really tough spot. The US has been pushing China to do the right thing and condemn North Korea for their actions. Now the US has to show they aren't hypocrites by condemning Israel...
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