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I was wondering if anyone else does it? Today was my first day trying it at a salon and I always assumed you should get your other body hair to be the same color as your head hair so I did something real awkward. I asked the salon lady to dye my pubic hair under my armpits and pelvic region after she dyed my brows. She gave me the weirdest look and told me to get out so I did. What did I do wrong?
I think you should break up with your GF. Not fair to her. I am looking for a lover and I am single and ready to mingle. PM me to let me know!
I just Google Image "Justin Bieber" and get some pointers from how he dresses. I have a hard time finding where to buy the clothes he wears though.
Quote: Originally Posted by dinogj I love living 45 mins away from woodbury...its amazing Just copped a zegna suit from off fifth for 250 I've heard many things about woodbury! Too bad I live like a couple states away.
If I was there I would've gathered some people to beat the crap out of him.
Quote: Originally Posted by nakokoro I'm not sure what you mean by ultra terrible... but if you need to work on a stroke, youtube can be pretty useful (i.e. search "federer forehand") for analyzing footwork, shoulder turn, follow through, etc. I'd say that the most important advice for you while playing is to try to hit crosscourt, and also hit the balls deep (beyond the service line). You should be able to have long rallies and avoid unforced errors....
Wow good job with the scanned reciepts! Everything looks real and GREAT! Not my size tho
I bought these!!!
Practice makes perfect. You really should focus on: 1. Eye on the ball until racquet makes contact with ball. 2. Getting the ball over the net 3. Consistency... You have a lot of space to hit the ball ABOVE the net. Make sure it goes over the net.
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