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Quote: Originally Posted by CrazyJew Please don't tell me you're like the dad from American Pie. This is perfectly normal... I think everyone eventually experiments with Nair. And pubes are definitely NOT cool, so any easy way to get rid of them is very welcome. I love my pubes. I don't know what you are talking about. I love how you can braid them.
I have a REAL huge dilemma lately and I don't know the solution. The story is: I was playing tennis yesterday and it was a small local tournament with $2000 in prize money. It was the semi-finals and I was playing really well and I believe was up 6-2, 5-1 then all of a sudden the worst thing happened. I hit a huge serve and my opponent barely got it over and I got over excited and hit the ball as hard as I could... FARTING in the process. The ball was out by the way....
I heard the FIRST time you use Nair it is always fine. The SECOND time you use it, it HURTS LIKE HELL. The THIRD time you use it, it won't be an issue. I say go ahead and use Nair again to get rid of the pain.
UPDATE: I decided to do the public hair dying myself but I have an issue. My hair is dyed blonde but I accidentally went brunette with my pubes. Is there a solution for this? Should I just dye blonde over the brunette?
Quote: Originally Posted by sigma Got these Penguin ones in 34 but unfortunately do not fit =(. If anyone is interested, PM me! Thats hot
Quote: Originally Posted by Uncontrol pants are: shoes are: LOL freakin creep. Awful Awful Awful. I can't believe you are critiquing others when you dress so poorly. 304 VIEWS after only being up for 35 minutes!!! omggg
Wow, Suta Roota's previous album ROOTA ROOTA smashed the charts and broke records! They are back in the studio working on their sophomore album and they released a first SINGLE!! Its called : BOUNCE BOUNCE Is anyone else excited?!!?
Ran 2 miles before my legs got tight so I stopped. But who cares, I prefer them tight rather than loose. ^^
To the OP: I googled for your situation and found that many doctors suggest going outside and screaming. It relieves your anxiety and issues. It is like a cleansing of your soul.
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