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I always thought you guys hired photographers just to take pictures exclusively for the WAYWT threads....
Isn't this a 2006 or 2007 model? Maybe 2008? Is 600 the lowest youll go?
juice out of my sippy cup. But before that some rum/coke.
Is he at the competitive level or is he just playing for fun? If he is just playing for fun, any regular Walmart racquet will do. If he is competitive, check out www.tenniswarehouse.com That is where I get most of my racquets. I recommend Head, Wilson, or Yonex racquets personally.
Quote: Originally Posted by Ibrock I know but I was too lazy to throw on a more appropriate leather strap watch.
@IBrock - Looks good but doesn't that watch seem out of place?
You guys are crazy...
AriGold...Lookin' like GOLD. No pun intended.
Quote: Originally Posted by Listi 160? More like 130. Oh god...I guess I have to starve myself now. I'll only eat a cube of cheese before I faint.
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