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plei89, just go to your credit card company and tell them to charge back. I've dealt with people who tried to scam me before. Always pay with credit card so if it is fake, you charge back and reject package at the door.
Omg. I almost bought those with my tuition MONEY! Omg...I feel so bad for you. That sucks dude.
Thanks guys, you're the best.
Can someone give me a definate guide? Like...I am heading to J.Crew in the morning and I have no idea what to look for specifically for this specific look. What color shirts and V Necks should I look for? And is this look good with jeans?
You are one lucky man! Was deciding to use $ on tuition or those shades and decided to pay tuition.
Thanks indesertum, Was going to ask/make same thread as this one but found this one.
You are 21. You should be wearing a suit every single day...No more t-shirts, polos, or anything else. [end sarcasm]
100% authentic? Can't really see from pictures.
Still got them or are they sold?
Too late for me to join in on this?
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