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Quote: Originally Posted by otc You wear boxers in your swim suit? Usually boardshorts...Yes.
Quote: Originally Posted by closetmess I bring condoms when I go swimsuit shopping. Totally normal. Well don't you wear your boxers under anyway? Who the hell goes commando?
Quote: Originally Posted by mattt Just another day in the neighborhood.. ToJ OCBD KMW 1980 Dior Homme Sweet
Quick question...Does anyone actually try on swim shorts at the store? I would feel kind of weird about it cause other people have tried it on...
After 10 million downloads, I am now the best selling artist of the year! Thanks guys for supporting me! I love you like pancakes.
The issue happened again and I was laughed off the court. So embarrassing. I am thinking I should retire from tennis now. I can never play without farting. It is so loud my grunts can't cover it. I can't go to the parties anymore because the people who heard me fart will be there. It is just too awkward.
Get a Mac or else you won't get laid.
If you're not 8 inches or bigger, you're not big enuff.
Quote: Originally Posted by whusurdadi Is this locked? Since it's CDMA, can it work on the Sprint network? There is no such thing as a CDMA iPhone. All iPhones are GSM and in the US, that means it will work with AT&T if it is locked. If it is unlocked, it will work with T-Mobile as well with AT&T. Just wanted to clarify that so you don't try to activate it at a Verizon store and get laughed at by employees. (I've seen it happen and I felt...
Quote: Originally Posted by Prada_Ferragamo He's using the "girls" as a disguise. He is the one who has a man crush on you. Crap how the hell did you catch me. Leave me alone! Is it so bad I want him so bad? LOL
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