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Quote: Originally Posted by Kodiak Throwback fit. Freaking love it.
Not referral links. Thanks
When I wuz 17 I had purple drank and it made me higher than the sky.
Antenna gate itself should constitute free pricing. Haha jk. Free bump!
I live in an apartment in a gated community and I seriously am pissed with the management and my neighbor. Every single night through my bedroom's wall (just above my head) I hear sex noises from her and her partners. I filed complaints for 4-5 weeks already and NOTHING IS being done. Worst thing happened about 2 hours ago. They were at it again and he literally did her THROUGH THE WALL. There is a freaking hole in the wall between the two ROOMS NOW. I am so MAD...
Wondering the same. This phone is a 2005-2007 model I think? Surprising price when iPhones are going for cheaper.
Might want to consider lowing the price a lot because Amazon is selling it cheaper than you are. Young professionals.
Quote: Originally Posted by Maxwell1995 I know. I just didn't know how to respond to that since that's never been said to me before. Now I know I should've said yes, even know I don't see how it would've happened. You denied a CYBER HUG!?!? OMGGG
Nice tee-shirt. And just go to stores and try on stuff. If your instinct tells you it looks ugly, don't buy it.
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