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meeee, you look kind of young. Perhaps just buzz it
Picture isn't really good. And a full face pic with the hair would be helpful. Your face plays a huge role in what hair cut we suggest.
Wow nice... Kind of disrespectful if you ask me.
$60 shipped only to 48 lower states in US. I am selling these fabulous jeans because I wore them too much already. WARNING: I wear them when I am drunk a lot and they have a very bad odor that I cannot get out. My friend who does my laundry says it is probably from over farting on the jeans. Please be aware of this situation when you want to buy. I can include a free Febreeze spray bottle in the package. Thanks and PM me!
Augh I am not a big fan of Samsung and how they do the hardware. Sure the AMOLED screen pops and looks nice on their Galaxy S phones but they feel so darn cheap. The plastic is just a big no no for me. Droid X has never had a case on it and I've dropped it a couple of times and there isn't a mark on it. It is just better hardware.
Will you take $20 shipped for JCrew Hoody? I got the navy one for $17 at their store.
I don't see how your used MBP is $950 when a refurb one from with the same specs costs $929 while the new 2010 model costs $1019 refurb... Your pricing should be more like $750-$800.
No feedback or actual pictures? Hmm
I'd look into more high quality generic looking stuff that looks good. You don't want stuff that is way out there and crazy because you won't have a lot of clothes and when you wear that item again, people will realize it. You want stuff that you can wear over and over.
@_@ Does anyone else here hate Raw Denim SO freaking bad....That ish is SOO uncomfortable...I just can't stand it.
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