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I'm not worried about being good at whatever I get a job doing, I'm just worried about being able to get the job in the first place. My resume is comparatively thin and I haven't had a job in two or three months.
Marketing doesn't sound bad, I just feel like there are going to be a lot of people vying for those jobs who are much more qualified than I am (at the moment). I need to go back to school and get something going.
I really blew it in undergrad and wound up with a psych degree and a 2.7 cumulative GPA. I changed majors from music to psychology rather arbitrarily after I washed out of the music program. I've now determined (after a long process that I won't get into) that I want to get into web design. I was hoping I could find some people here who have knowledge of the field and could give me general advice regarding what routes to consider, given my background. Outside of a...
$100k a year is enough to see a professional, even in SF Bay; you should probably look into that rather than relying on the advice of bloated electronic egos. I think you have some serious questions that the internet is not equipped to answer.
So if I wait two years will my 93 Sentra SE-R qualify?
Quote: Originally Posted by globetrotter good luck (oh, and try not to punch anybody on the way) Ah, never gonna live that thread down, am I?
Looking to get started in sales, hoping for some advice. Background: I'm 25, I'll have a BA in psych at the end of next semester. My GPA is 2.6ish. I'm currently a PT delivery driver. My sales experience is limited to non-commissioned retail. I'm a friendly person and a good communicator. I like to make money, and I like the idea of being motivated by commission. I'm thinking about leaving the delivery job and trying to get a part time position at Carmax while...
Quote: Originally Posted by pauliec Great thread! To summarize, - OP gets wasted off of the new 4 Lokos - OP drives a drunk girl home, while drunk himself (off of a totally lame drink) - Drunk girl drunkenly tells OP in between streams of projectile vomit that she was sexually violated, and instead of going to the police, OP decides to "be the hero" - And by "be the hero", I mean gets his ass kicked while wearing boxer shorts and cowboy boots -...
Wow. There are some insane cars on here. I was expecting a bunch of leased, bland, luxury barges.
I don't think of it as Batman style street justice, though I enjoy that mental image. I simply became enraged and lost my cool, there was no plan. Obviously. I don't go around planning to attack people to enforce my moral code on them. It just happened.
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