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I prefer a rounded toe for a traditional english look
Hi There I would love you considerations about the 2 models oriented on a "casual street life " wearing wich one and why ? Thanx alot Saluti
I leave in South of Italy I wear alden cordovan John Lobb C&J and Testoni it will be hard to wear them now what you suggest me as summertime shoes ? Are those brands making a summertime line? I also wear desert Clarks Boots what you think about this ?
Quote: Originally Posted by Britalian I can't connect to the site in the 'Comprehensive high end shoe' list. Is the site (I posted yesterday) the same guy? If so, he's based in Bologna, an hour from Florence. As well Peron e Peron A,Testoni Enzo Bonafe and Sutor Mantellassi in Bologna wich is also a fantastic town
What about Stefano Branchini shoes are they from Florence ?
Quote: Originally Posted by luk-cha the negroni is equal parts of gin, campari and grand manier shake and serve strainght up an i martini glass with a flammed orange peel The Negroni is equal parts of gin, campari and vermut rosso (sweet vermouth eg Martini rosso cinzano or carpano rosso) do not shake never shake a negroni and serve on the rocks in a old fashioned glass garnish with orange and lemon slice There is Il Negroni sbagliato...
Waiting for a RTM SCAFORA I 've just purchased a new Black Label Testoni Boot I'm not sure about the colour is a kind of neutral and i quite li9ke it as versatility I have a question !!I have C&J Brown wax Cordovan 8 Wax and Black John Lobb Wax Do you think is a good idea to use one of those to polish the boots i don't want to loose the original colour ?Just make it shine I know a Story It seems that The Beatles in the 60's 70's ask to an italian bootmakers to make...
Quote: Originally Posted by Kasper Thanks, I thought you would like these. I was pretty happy when I added them to my rotation. LOBB (John Lobb Paris)and no bespoke bespoke is another story SCAFORA (Not Black)no bespoke bespoke is another story
Quote: Originally Posted by chorse123 I looked into it when I was flush with cash and was told: Goodyear Welt: $1600 Norvegese Welt: $1800 Bentivegna Welt: $2000 Additional charge for cordovan. This is bespoke, not MTM, and includes trees. They make a trial shoe. First shoe takes around six months. No chance yet to go into Naples They start from 600 Euros to 1200 What you think of the oxfords? Are they Neapolitan style? I love...
Quote: Originally Posted by edmorel Can't see the pics
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