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Measurements for Dior's please.
I wear size 10.5 what size should I get 280 or 285?
Sorry for crappy pictures. I've just bought Dior's MIJ (sized down 1). They are tight in the thights and I can't really pull them up any more, the waist is perfect. Dunno if I should size up or leave them to stretch... my moves are limited in them
Quote: Originally Posted by impolyt_one you could do far, far worse things man. Go for it. The thing is, I always liked the classic shoe with jeans look but before buying I wanted to get an opinion. Im open for proposals I need a black classic shoe to go with jeans that is >220$
I got thoes in mind too: What better to go with jeans? Im loving the contrast sole vs upper.
Quote: Originally Posted by jet yes works with the proper jeans and shoes welcome to the forum of style Thank you, what do you mean by proper? Im on my way to buying some raw jeans probably APC New Standard, I hope both will work.
What do you think about thoes shoes and jeans? Do they work? Maybe you have some different classic black shoes to go with jeans, some lace ups?
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