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More UK stock:
You'll be fine with the sleeve length on the medium. I'm about 25-25.5" shoulder to wrist and I have the cuffs turned up on the medium parka.For those thinking about the Field Parka or North Wood jacket, I have the parka in olive and the jacket in black. The black fabric is a lot more rain resistant than the olive which I find just soaks up water. Kinda wish I bought the colours the other way round.
Anyone pick up/tried on the North Wood jacket? Wondering about the sizing.
The olive one has brown corduroy. Love the olive, brown corduroy and grey herringbone combo.
I think medium should be alright. I'm a 38" chest and I got one in medium. It's slim fitting in comparison to previous seasons' parkas, which were too big on me. It's just right with shirt + sweater layering and I'm using the waist drawstring to slim it down a bit too.
Sorted for the first Upland shirt I was looking for (thanks to reynolds404). Might as well try make it 3 out of 3: looking for this plaid Upland shirt in small.
Anyone have experience in using the Quoddy Organic Waterproofer? Any good?
Business is a new store starting up in Leicester (iirc). Just saw that randomly through Twitter though. Don't have any other info about it. Edit: This place:
p for sale is an Engineered Garments Hartford jacket from AW10 in olive wool. Hardly worn, it's pretty much as new. Unfortunately, the colour doesn't come out too well in my own photos - the stock pic is a better representation. Has some great hunting style stitch detailing on the shoulders, arms and pockets. Tagged size is medium but it's slim fitting compared to other Engineered Garments pieces in medium. Unfortunately, a bit too slim for my liking. I'm a 38" chest,...
Argh. Shouldn't have slept on getting the Cruiser Shirt Jacket in olive. Was waiting for TBS to get their buy up and now there's no mediums left at the Bureau. Might have to settle for khaki unless HIP Leeds gets it in.
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