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Is it a tribute to his brother or the fact that at the point when the movie turns into a generic action movie his brother begins helping him with the screenplay?
To clarify, the quote of 10,800 USD was for windows treatments made my Hunter Douglas (About half solar shades and half cellular with blackout). This is not for replacing the windows themselves. I got 2 other quotes from competitors. One was for 15k and the other was for 10k. I looked into DIY and the cost savings for the same quality appears to be minimal.
Sizes vary a bit but most windows are roughly 32 x 50 inches.
Long term lurker but new to posting. Just bought a house and need window treatments. We like the clean look of solar shades for downstairs and living areas and cellular with blackout for bedrooms. Just had a Hunter Douglas rep come and measure and he quoted U.S. 10,800 for 25 windows with installation. Does this seem reasonable? I honestly have no idea what this should cost.
Are you referring to Sushi Yasuda? I know Yasuda left to return to Japan but was unaware that Gari did the same. FWIW Sushi Yasuda is still fantastic. Yasuda could be gruffif he didnt like you but I always had great experiences there.
Relaxing while I cook a New Year's Eve dinner for my wife and some close friends.
I agree. I thoroughly enjoyed this movie although it is certainly not for everyone. One of those movies you either love or hate after seeing it once and probably would not change our mind with repeat viewings. I own multiple TBNY shoes and I love them. They wear well and I think are good quality at their pricepoint (especially when they can be had from Nordstrom's on sale).
Dinner at Park Avenue Summer: potato gnocchi with sweet corn and summer truffles followed by the veal chop Milanese. Very good food in a comfortable yet elegant setting, however, a tad on the expensive side.
With a piece of Humboldt Fog. Delicious.
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