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would be a great way to spend your christmas $$!
I'm selling the Taylor Stitch Olive Plaid Poplin shirt in a size 36, which is about a S/XS. It's a great shirt, got it during their black friday/cyber monday sale but the shirt is a bit tight on me. Only tried it on once-twice and knew it was going to be very slim on me. Guess I gotta lay off the beers! Color is fantastic, length is great for either tuck/untuck and button details are pretty nice too. I am looking to get $75 for this shirt, which will cover my initial cost...
First time ordering and I took a chance on the Olive Plaid Poplin. Shirt and fabric are both excellent, but unfortunately the taper is a bit too much for me on the size 36. Up for grabs if anyone is interested... PM me.
Very strange.. added 4 dress shirts and the discount is only 12.5%, not 40%???!
Hey Sleven, Do you expect the Non-Iron dress shirts to receive a good discount in the upcoming sale? I grabbed 3 of the extra slim fit non iron shirts during the 30% corporate sale and they fit great on me. Was hoping to pick up a couple more shirts for work. Thanks!
Can anyone comment on the sizing on shirts long and short sleeve this season? I got a friend going to NY this weekend and I usually get JPN Med / US Small but looking at the measurements on the JPN site, it looks like things run bigger now???!
RFX45- what brand are those pants?
Can't seem to edit the main page , but anyways the 501s are GONE!
They are all still available. Too many flakers! sent you a pm my man.
Just got in the olive classic fit broken wash chinos , I ordered a size up this time , and the actually run a bit smaller than my current pair. My 28 measured 30 brand new , and is now just under 31". The brand new 29x32 14" across , or just right at 15" when aligned and pulled . Just a heads up , but that might just be my pair. Sizing has always been inconsistent on most Jcrew items.
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