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If your dream bike is a Triumph, why not get one? You'll most likely over pay for a Bonnie just because it's a Bonnie.Take a look at a mid- to late-'70s TR7. Super easy to work on. Parts are plentiful. And it will only appreciate over time. Much more than the Honda.
Not bad for a Hinckley. But the exhaust just ruins it all.
Those Gasolina's are nice. Definitely a low-cost alternative to the original article, Lewis Leathers' Motorway boots. I'm curious about the quality/thickness of the leather.
It works for me!My '79 Bonnie shifts on the left. My '71 T100 and '64 Norton shift on the right. Equal scuffing FTW! And I ride in a pair of Wesco lineman boots, so they have the extra flap of leather in perfect shift lever position! Steel shank in the sole for easy kickstarts, too.
Buy an old Brit bike. Then switch off bikes each day. You'll have equal scuffing on each boot. get a non-armored jacket to fit over that armored shirt-thing, I would think the rest of the jacket's fit would be pretty bad. A good moto jacket--armored or otherwise--should fit snug all over.
Have you considered Schott? Their online/phone help is top-notch. They'll get you into the right fit even if it takes shipping a few jackets back and forth.
+1When I'm riding in traffic, all bets are off. I'll do anything I see fit (short of riding in the sidewalk) to avoid cager idiocy.
Glory has the Barbour on sale right now.
Thick. 4mm maybe? Thick, though. Takes a little time to break in.I looked at those collab jackets again. If you can, try one on. They look a little long in the front (past your pants' belt buckle). Might not be too comfortable when you're hunched over the Thrux. You get that big mono-boob coming out of your chest.The Lightning and a few others are made form the original '50s patterns, so they're very high-waisted, especially in the front (~1" above your belt buckle)....
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