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So I don't have much tech outerwear experience besides having owned a Arctyerx midlayer, an AV Galvanic for half a week before I returned it, and currently a Canada Goose Chateau (if you can even call CG tech wear). The Nike shell is Goretex and doesn't feel as substantial as I would like. It seems slighly fragile as if I could snag it on something and it would puncture/rip it. The Nike shell def feels stiffer and more durable than the AV Galvanic though. The aeroloft...
Size S, for reference I'm 5'10, 150.
Copped the 2-in-1. Asked the guy behind the counter if he knew what it was insulated with and he said it was with Aeroloft. Wore it right out in NYC where it's about 40 degrees out- walked 3 blocks and my forehead started beading with sweat.
Copped the hooded loopwheel black villain. Did the 5 dollar shipping, hope it comes in to NYC before the 23rd, because I'm going to be away from the office (where I shipped it) until the 2nd week of January.
In some of the photos it looks like minimal branding, in others it's a full on billboard. Which is it? vs. Or is one the shell vs inner insulation?
There's entirely too much advertising going on with that coat. God damn.
Theory exists bc of that Fast Retailing $.
FRWRD sale is great.
Is the JE Villain in Sand from the JE webstore going to ship out? I see it still in stock for all sizes still.
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