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Also need Aventus. Badly, I'm running out.
Sale season makes everyone frantic and crazy.
IMO, those would look better with no break at all.
Makes what I buy of his feel cheaper on me imo.
Returned it though because I thought consumerism was terrible for my soul. Regret it now though because my soul is completely vacant.
Check out Williams Vale for some meat packing in BK. View is dope.
Anyone else having issues with creasing of their jackets? How do you get the wrinkles out of the front collar? I tried to steam it, then stack a bunch of heavy books on top of it but the creasing remains and is getting deeper.
Massimo, overdyed cut off
I got a tour of the kitchen (Oui chef!) and the wine cellar when I went. Hopefully you get the same treatment-- it's pretty cool.Aside from eating, there isn't really much to do in Lyon. Vieux Lyon is kinda where there's more to see, but even that you can bang it out in a day. Took this shot a few months ago at the Cathedral.I'll actually be there next week, in Paris and Chamonix.
Paul Bocuse, (l'auberge du pont de collonges), if you're not on a budget. It's Lyonese food, very heavy, and 3 Michelin Stars-- once in a lifetime. While you're in Annecy you might as well hit up Chamonix (the French Alps).
New Posts  All Forums: