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Brilliant way to counter ppl who judge a book based on it's cover. Racially profiling by region.
Meet me in front of Third Floor Cafe. Fight me.
I had a some problems with mine. I had to go back 3x in order to get it the way I wanted it to fit-- this is the midtown east location. Doesn't really matter what location state-wide anyway, they outsource their manufacturing to China and have their in-house tailor make the minor alterations. 6.5/10 for me.
If only they had it in black! Good looking out regardless, thank you.
If ya'll see Visvim Ballistic 20L on sales, please let me know!
Fucking gold.
He's a narcissist. He won't kill himself.
Sob sob. Loses hearing. Sob. Wife usurper. Sob sob. PayPal. Sob. Restaurant kick out. Sob.
What do u guys think will happen if u guys sue him? He Madoff'd your money and bought 80 gold chains and went ignant. Possibly jail time and his already shit reputation to get even shittier, but you guys aren't going to get your $ back.
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