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Massimo, overdyed cut off
I got a tour of the kitchen (Oui chef!) and the wine cellar when I went. Hopefully you get the same treatment-- it's pretty cool.Aside from eating, there isn't really much to do in Lyon. Vieux Lyon is kinda where there's more to see, but even that you can bang it out in a day. Took this shot a few months ago at the Cathedral.I'll actually be there next week, in Paris and Chamonix.
Paul Bocuse, (l'auberge du pont de collonges), if you're not on a budget. It's Lyonese food, very heavy, and 3 Michelin Stars-- once in a lifetime. While you're in Annecy you might as well hit up Chamonix (the French Alps).
Meyvn's description is try hard. I like Geller. Just calling it the way I see it, if you don't agree you don't have to.
Really? All I see are SEO trending words at Meyvn. Their description is the limit of a copywriter in fashion.
Garment looks a size too big instead of oversized. Maybe frumpy? Could possibly be your posture.
Kind of annoyed I got the Massimo.. didn't know a collared bomber would be coming out for 2/3 the price.
You're not allowed to complain unless you've lived here for x years or you get crickets thrown on you on the train.
Totokaelo NYC won't be carrying Geller, so I'm guessing Seattle won't either. Shame.
G-Eazy is selling SLP hard. It's a shame his music is trash.
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