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Posted up the fishtail parka on B&S that I got directly from Charlie and only tried on: http://www.styleforum.net/t/535356/falcon-garments-fishtail-parka-olive-size-46-stock You know you want it.
Looks great Sussi-- would you say it's warmer than a Canada Goose or equivalent parka? Costed $1127 shipped to the US Regg. Not too shabby.
I had no idea-- I thought if total was under $110 you don't get taxed. Thanks!@Regg-- I purchased from that store with the 20% off on top. Wasn't the fishtail I was looking for but close enough. I hate this thread.Free shipping I think was done by entering WELCOME2016 @bry2000
It was well over $110.Anyone know where I can cop Yves Salomon for a decent price besides FWRD?
SA sale is insane. Copped Acne Coach jacket for $107 dollars, JE Mercer for $22. They didn't charge me tax in NYC and they have multiple retail locations here. Every year I ask myself if they're going under. WELCOME2016 does not work for additional 15% off tho this time around.
Yes, size up 1 compared to Achilles.
Creasing happens. Patent leather shouldn't after literally by the 2nd wear.
Yes. I have them too. Put in shoe trees immediately after every use too, and I still got them. Pieces of shit.
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