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ssense is causing stress in my life right now.
So uhhh where can we ask for a code?
Part of the allure of copping white sneakers is buying into cumsumeriam and saying, 'fuck it, when they get dirty I'll get another pair.'
I'm retiring all my whites sneakers due to reddits obsession with white Achilles. Also because almost half of everyone who works in soho wears Stan Smiths.
TBS is the shit. Placed a 500 dollar order and they only took of 80 instead of 100 though (if 20% off additional). What gives?
I'm FiDi. Might as we'll be Staten Island.
What caveats?
This thread is amazing. I want to live in the world Neonrider lives in.
HBA and VFiles.
Not feeling particularly swaggy enough to pull off denim this tight. It's a 30 with space around my waist, but I can feel my balls pulsating against my thighs.
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