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I guess I'm going against the grain thinking Yeezy is killing it in that photo.
Was thinking more along their previous seasons.
I'm also looking for a dope MA-1. Everything I've tried on are way too baggy imo. Why isn't Our Legacy bringing back their bombers this season?
I'm def going. Prob stopping by during lunch hours.
I have the Gibson (not the murdered out one). It's very cropped and has a boxy fit. The leather is quite substntial and feels and looks luxurious. If you want a more boxy fit, go for it. If you want fitted, I wouldn't.
^ probably the most boring store i've seen on the internet so far.
Copped the red Kiashi and thinking I should return to get the Genealogy Free OG. How difficult will they be to get you think?
Carson Street retail workers are too busy outside the front of their store smoking cigarettes and waiting to get photographed for #menswear
New Posts  All Forums: