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Saw a pair of IRO denim, bunch of Won Hundreds, JBrand and Fit 2 Rag n Bone. Largely picked over, sizes 33+
Become an insider of a grammar class first.
They're narrower in the toe box area. Get a 39.
Received a pair of Chelseas and they fit so much smaller than the Achilles. Do they stretch eventually?
Yeah because that's the mind of any consumer.
Legit, any "Sample" sales at Chelsea Market are trash.
I'm between a S and a M what size do I order? 12 or 14? Is this really for men?
Not gonna lie. Did the same on Grailed and bought myself a SA x Spiewak n3b for 1/2 the price.
I don't know dude, I copped the Chateau a few seasons ago for 550ish, and now it's $825. Also, USD > any currency atm, so it's difficult to try to make the prices the same world wide. Nick Young ??
CG sold out to Bain Capital. Bain went through with some abhorrent practices to the consumers over Sealy Mattress (whom they also acquired)- it's a common case study that iterates how PE firms work. CG won't be an exception.
New Posts  All Forums: