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Going to Seoul for the holidays. Where may I cop fake Attachment?
You go on a site called styleforum. You do care what ppl think of your clothes.
IDK but have any of you taken off the patches off your CGs? Thinking of doing it on my Chateau because I hate myself for being exactly like everyone else.
Picked up a pair of the Nike x APC OGs. I don't really see any difference between the regular OGs and these besides the laces. Is it slimmer profile?
So is she single?
@ExAngel, thank you for responding to me! While I agree with you that they aren't exactly apple to apple in comparison, the price point they are targeting and much of the aesthetics they provide is in direct competition with each other in my opinion. I own quite a few things from W+H and the thing they are the most consistent about, the attribute that is the most glaring is their complete unbashed inconsisntency in both QA and sizing. There are many competing brands out...
W+H is dead. They don't seem to be self aware, charging what they do retail, despite being cosntantly on flash sale sites and how little they've evolved despite newer, hungier competing brands eating up their niche market share. Like really, you're trying to compete with John Elliott for what you guys are charging? FOH. Consumers rule and we're getting smarter every day.
Christ, I hope their online inventory is in a good place because I'll be sad if they don't ship out some of the stuff I ordered.
Bitches are shying away from the wedged sneaker bullshit and going with the more "man"-ish or androgynous approach with clear cut white kicks for that monochromatic aesthetic. Basics for footwear is welcomed IMO- they can go crazy with apparel then.
This thread is a good litmus test for people who are emotionally strung up.
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