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Welcome to a house of fading trends.
Anyone know of any sites to cop MM velcros on sale?
Got a pair of double zip Rangers. Got them in 40 and I'm a 41 in CPs and 42 in MM GATs. They run pretty big.
You guys see any smaller sized Washed PETIT NEW STANDARDs on sale anywhere?
Totokaelo 🔥🔥🔥 sale
Yes that one. I know someone who works BB corporate, so j believe 60% off.
Any thoughts on the Double Monk by Peal? Worth it at half off (down to 300ish)? What is he sizing of it like?
Pretty sure ppl complain about it because other retailers offer free shipping for the same product.
Live between Manhattan and Grand, between say Lorimer and Graham. Considered the "Little Italy" of Williamsburg, with lots of restaurants and bars and away from the Times Sq of BK (Bedford). I love it here.
I'm a 41 in CP Achilles and a 42 in MM GATs. Anyone know what I would be in their double monk strap?
New Posts  All Forums: