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Ordered the Massimo bomber from Meyvn but a little nervous since they don't do refunds. I'm a true 47 in Falcon Garments, would a 46 fit me (as in not overly slim) for the Massimo? Also a M in Gustav Knit Crew Neck Sweater and a M in one of his button downs. I'm 5'10. 155.
Uncle Boon's is not traditional Thai, but it is good. They did pretty well considering they're literally in a basement-- made the place look like an old school steak house. Mr Donahue's is by the same restaurant group and is really really good.
Can I get a 15% off coupon at Meyvn if no one is using it? What is the expiration date on it?
Meyvn has 10% off. Anyone deeper discount codes to purchase the Massimo bomber?
It's from his FW07 and based off a song from the 80s. Blocking people bc they don't agree with you is truly something awkward people who only hang out in kitchens by themselves at a party would do.
The title of this thread makes me want to not wear any SS.
How do you get it at 20% off retail? I'm a stock 47 in Falcon, anyone know what size the Massimo would fit for me?
Anyone know how the Geller x CP Chelsea boots fit? I'm a 42 in the regular CP Chelseas and 41 in CP Achilles.
Your friend's photo hit the #1 post on /r/all -- https://www.reddit.com/r/pics/comments/4ulqap/new_york_city_just_witnessed_an_absolutely/
Thanks guys, went to Spring during the fall of last year. It was good, but I felt silly eating at an American chef's restaurant in Paris. Will probably end up at comptoir du relais. Will check out Aux Deux Amis, thank you!
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