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Your friend's photo hit the #1 post on /r/all -- https://www.reddit.com/r/pics/comments/4ulqap/new_york_city_just_witnessed_an_absolutely/
Thanks guys, went to Spring during the fall of last year. It was good, but I felt silly eating at an American chef's restaurant in Paris. Will probably end up at comptoir du relais. Will check out Aux Deux Amis, thank you!
Any coupons going around on Adidas besides the 15% off?
Hey guys, I have 1 night in Paris, in the 2nd ARR, and want to spend about 150-200 max USD on dinner including a decent bottle of wine. Going in tourist gear, where would you recommend? Also spending about a week in Lyon, where my budget is 100 USD for each dinner, if you guys know a few places I should check out, I'd appreciate it. 2 nights in Provence as well, for around 100 USD a dinner too. Recommendations are greatly appreciated!
Saw a pair of IRO denim, bunch of Won Hundreds, JBrand and Fit 2 Rag n Bone. Largely picked over, sizes 33+
Become an insider of a grammar class first.
They're narrower in the toe box area. Get a 39.
Received a pair of Chelseas and they fit so much smaller than the Achilles. Do they stretch eventually?
Yeah because that's the mind of any consumer.
Legit, any "Sample" sales at Chelsea Market are trash.
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