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Someone cop the Geller Aviator for the love of God.
Way too tight.
Those things are legitimately so aesthetically unpleasing the only thing I can possibly think they'll match with will be the inside of a trash bag.
You should wear one on top of the other to show your layering of leather.
Damn, this dude is me but without a filter.
"Damned if you do damned if you don't." - When did we say not to raise the price? What am I missing?Be real b. Don't be like, "We hire the highest grade Cambodian lactating mothers to put together 83% cotton, 17% poly hoodies with only the finest imported unicorn hides for your leather motos." No offense, but us consumers make your rent. Don't treat us like marketable morons.You paid your dues and have the marketing and the hype around your brand. You're reaping the...
I'm glad you guys are only employing documented workers in taxable wages with benefits and 401ks.Please.
Made in USA = made by hands of illegals in san pedro mart/jobber/garment district in big ass sweat shops for the most part, so no, it doesn't really merit much besides a marketing buzzword. 'Made in Italy' shoes the same way in Prato.They limit the production of each article of clothing to make sure they reduce inventory and then produce again depending on sales due to the limitation of their own production and to save overhead with inventory that would just be sitting...
Probably not the right place to ask this question, but on my Acne Gibson, the zippers are starting to rust or it's chipped. I wore it out while it was raining 0 times and spilled nothing on it. What gives? How do I fix it?
Shit I don't do. Wear nice shit to a club or to hang up in a locker even with my own lock at a gym. Been burned twice.
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