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This thread is a good litmus test for people who are emotionally strung up.
The fuck kind of donuts do they sell in SoCal and how do I never get one for the rest of my life ever?
Because it's not selvedge.
Pretty livid. Gap canceled my order for the villain hoodie collabo- I received confirmation for my order at 5:18PM yesterday and received a cancelation for the hoodie today at 3:08. I can't imagine them selling out of it before then. Should have done next day shipping.
I'll take an almond croissant over a donut any day.
I can have fun using cash.
I live 3 stops away from here. I should go. Anything in particular I should try?Also, Bushwick is about 50x more fun hanging out in than the city.
$90 shirts, daypacks go from $300-380 from what I saw. Picked up a quilted jacket for $120 which I thought was a steal. There's a line now.
N&F do any overdyed black that won't fade? Similar to Acne Stay Cash?
legit, everything i wanted from the plokhov collab was sold out in the soho store. saw 2 bombers in XL left.
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