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He shouldn't say that he wants his clothing to be more accesible to the masses then. He thought he could control the beast that is the apparel industry but they have their hand up his ass sock puppeting him and riding him for his marketability.
Lmao. Ridiculous on so many levels.
I guess it's really odd to ask someone why you shouldn't cop something in a thread called, 'SHOULD I OR SHOULDN'T I BUY... (CLOTHING ITEM)?'
A.) or B.)
Thank you for the detailed write up! I really appreciate it, and may not get the book bag any more.
MM on Barneys is only leather. Trying to go away from that as I already have a leather bookbag. Thinking of Want Les Essentials now as it's almost half the price of SLP, but really unsure.
Anynoe have the canvas backpack? Thoughts on it? Worth it if able to be able to purchase one for $500. How's the durability on it, and would you feel bad wearing it into the subway with random strangers sweating and rubbing up on it?
Everything above would be copped at almost 50% off. The SLP denim you would cop or the bag shown above?The Givenchy slip ons are insanely occult-like and I want them for some reason- I know it's a bad choice.
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