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Still look like geriatric shoes imo.
Work a block from the Supreme store in NYC. News van is out there along with stragglers that are trying to call Supreme's bluff. I have to say, working by the store makes getting coffee in the morning that much more exciting.
Email TBS and ask for their 20% off coupon, they'll send you one.
How long do you guys think it would take to get the first batch out @Thurston Bros, and is there a ballpark figure? Sorry for the peon-esque question, I'm on the fence to purchasing a jacket right now, so would like to gauge other options.
That Junya is hot shit.
Patiently waiting for Namor to get home.
Thoughts on Epaulet's Moto?
About to place my first order. Are there any coupon codes for Styleforum members?
When are the 4.0/5.0 Flyknit Frees coming out?
Is it me or is 80 dollars pretty standard for a non m2m shirt?
New Posts  All Forums: