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Pretty sure ppl complain about it because other retailers offer free shipping for the same product.
Live between Manhattan and Grand, between say Lorimer and Graham. Considered the "Little Italy" of Williamsburg, with lots of restaurants and bars and away from the Times Sq of BK (Bedford). I love it here.
I'm a 41 in CP Achilles and a 42 in MM GATs. Anyone know what I would be in their double monk strap?
Got hit with Dope Factory's duties, which was a COD for $52.40 on a pair of $228 MM GATs. TF.
Atrium or even Steven Alan in TriBeCa.
Upland or Santina.
Gave my measurements to Charly and he recommended I go stock. Went stock 47, fit is nice.
DR2. Lambskin.
Fit is great, the leather supple and soft, but it's mad veiny. First photo from the back panel of the sleeves. Veiny in the lapels. Is this normal and to be expected?
Thanks! That actually solved it-- didn't know you can check via USPS. Will be taking photos of a stock lamb MDR shortly.
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