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Copped the red Kiashi and thinking I should return to get the Genealogy Free OG. How difficult will they be to get you think?
Carson Street retail workers are too busy outside the front of their store smoking cigarettes and waiting to get photographed for #menswear
Are they going to put a ball gag in my mouth if I go in without an appointment?http://www.davidmenkesleather.com
Alright, taking in about 4 casual shirts whose sleeves need to be shortened and a rather expensive Acne leather jacket that needs the sleeves to shortened as well. Any place in Williamsburg or south of 14th street you guys can recommend that is reasonably priced and stand by their services? Thank you guys in advance!
I wear 41 in in Achilles. Sized down to 40 in slip ons accounting for the fact that I won't be wearing socks. They're tight around the toes, width wise but length wise they're fine. I'd size normally to Achilles. Fuck me.
Enjoy this cheap baracuta you plebeians
Idk what's more tiring, the ppl who talk about CP sales or the ppl that complain about the ppl who talk about CP sales. Thinking the latter at this point.
How much is this glorious vagina super soaker going to cost?
Still look like geriatric shoes imo.
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