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Hey Guys i have a pair of Swarovski EL 10 x 42 binoculars for sale. They are a recent gift that i have no use for, but maybe you will enjoy them. These are very high end binoculars that retail for $2,500. Here is a link so you can research more about them. http://www.opticsplanet.com/swarovski-42mm-el-birding-hunting-swarovision-binoculars.html Item will be shipped via USPS Priority, insured for full sale amount, and accompanied with tracking number. You may PM me if you...
Hey SF, I have a pair of jeans that i purchased, soaked once, and wore for 10 days and then i left them in my closet. Since then i've fallen in love with other jeans and I really have lost interest in this pair. My loss, your gain. Retail Price: $320 My Special Price: $185 shipped anywhere in the united states. Elsewhere add $15 Measurements: Tag: 30 Actual waist: 32.5" Inseam: 33.5" Leg Opening: 8" Thigh: 10.5-11" Pictures are color accurate.
Quote: Originally Posted by aether Nice. Eason, I do have long legs and I typically don't like much break. I just can't ever seem to get stacks I like, so fuck em. I typically buy pants with 32" inseam, or hem them to around this length. Go buy jeans with a 36" inseam. You will have stacks and they will look pretty good. I'm about 6' and my actual inseam is 32" (no stacking). Typically you have to wear your pants for a while in order...
How are you so thin? Pituitary gland malfuntion?!? Lolz
these jeans have been sold to me! I'm now awaiting a confirmation number..
haha. Yep i got the jean shops (:
http://store.nike.com/us/en_us/?cp=u...25/pgid-364297 That, or a buzz rickson loopwheeled sweater? I need a simple sweater to wear all the time thats great quality and easily maintained. I heard loopwheeled is the way to go. Any suggestions?
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