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I enjoyed this season with the exception of the final episode.
Are you looking for the party attire or you're planning to wear this to temple for the service? If it's for the service I would absolutely not wear those brown shoes. You'll be looking for more conservative attire.
Isn't that how all underwear is worn? Maybe that's why I ride the elevator all alone.
Tom Waits absolutely made the movie for me.
I absolutely recommend John Dies at the End. See it in a theater if you can.
Took my daughter to see Warm Bodies last night. This was a lot better than I thought it would be. Funny and interesting.
I've been using Flint and Tinder since they popped up on Kickstarter. I am VERY happy with their products. I have Zimmerli as well and am happier with Flint and Tinder. Maybe it's just a price thing but it's just so amazingly comfortable.
That first picture is unacceptable unless you purchased these shoes as seconds. I've owned a lot of Allen Edmonds over the years and have never seen a stain like that on first quality shoes.
I find this convenient for friends/family that carry multiple phones, work, personal, shady shit :-) If they're texting me and I need to call them during a text I immediately know which device it is by just scrolling to the top and hitting call.
Anyone going to be in NYC this week for the Big Smoke? I'll be hanging at Cigar Inn but not doing Big Smoke.
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