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For how long?
I'm mindful of that; mostly just having fun playing with historical data and avoid reading financial headlines…
Seems like the top 3 performing asset classes (in Portfolio Visualizer) since 1987 are Mid cap value, Micro cap, and Emerging markets. Been having fun creating asset mixes that combines the best of three worlds. Some bonds for good measure. Trying to identify the closest corresponding funds in Vanguard to bookmark for later.
This is pretty neat. Backtesting all of my portfolios and allocation scenarios now. Does Portfolio Visualizer account for fees and such? Also for newer funds and stock tickers; it makes it hard to backtest to prior the current market cycle, do people here end up substituting equivalent holdings?
This graphic below might give a better idea of what I'm going for. The dotted line allocation in the upper right might be a less extreme and more palatable attempt at an “all-weather” portfolio. Roth IRA (lower left) is geared for maximum returns growing tax free; 90% S&P 500 index, 10% Intermediate bond index. Taxable account (lower right) is the smallest of the group. Mostly having fun with stocks (occasional bragging rights) and slowly building a dividend-based...
I'm 38 years old. FYI in my Roth IRA my allocation are 90% S&P and 10% intermediate bonds (Since it's growing tax free I can just set it and forget it till 2040). I will check out the Materials ETF. I'm wary of gold and precious metals as a whole (transaction fees and risk of theft makes it a hassle) but I'm open minded. Thanks everyone for the feedback and insights.
Hi, I'm trying to replicate as close as possible an “all weather portfolio” in my Vanguard rollover account (allocation graphic below). One question I had, how do you emulate exposure to gold and commodities? The minimum amount for Vanguard Materials Index Fund (VMIAX) is $100k… it'll be a while before I get there. Also second question. I'm trying to consolidate all accounts under one login to the extent possible. I'm considering shutting down my Ameritrade brokerage...
Any thoughts if VW can recover from “Dieselgate”? Financial fallout aside it looks to be an fairly isolated issue (Executive and engineering teams juking the software to cheat emissions testing) not a systemic mismanagement issue. The stock is starting to look like a bargain… almost.
Granted cheating on emissions regulations is a huge no-no, I wonder how likely $18 billion in fines would be. GM with their ignition switch scandal is responsible for at least 121 deaths and by comparison got only a slap on the wrist.
Not a good day for VOW shareholders: Volkswagen Plunges 17% After U.S. Emissions Cheat Scandal http://bloom.bg/1Fp1M5B
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