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Any thoughts if VW can recover from “Dieselgate”? Financial fallout aside it looks to be an fairly isolated issue (Executive and engineering teams juking the software to cheat emissions testing) not a systemic mismanagement issue. The stock is starting to look like a bargain… almost.
Granted cheating on emissions regulations is a huge no-no, I wonder how likely $18 billion in fines would be. GM with their ignition switch scandal is responsible for at least 121 deaths and by comparison got only a slap on the wrist.
Not a good day for VOW shareholders: Volkswagen Plunges 17% After U.S. Emissions Cheat Scandal http://bloom.bg/1Fp1M5B
Was at Club Monoco (Houston Galleria) location over the long weekend. Their current location is a new one and the mens section is really tucked away in the back (3/4 of the store is devoted to women clothing). Was able to find a dark navy Barbour Ashby waxed jacket in the sales rack marked down alot with an additional 40% off. It came out to around $80 with all the discounts. Pretty cool find and for whatever reason not too many men go to this particular location, due to...
@gettoasty, he made it sound like he would be actively managing the portfolio when we sat down and chatted. He didn't give me the exact percentages but listed a bunch of stocks (AAPL, GOOG, NFLX, PFE, etc…) and some mutual funds that he felt would do well for the remainder of 2015 and 2016 that he wanted to roll out with. I tried to shift the conversation over to index funds and ETFs and he said I could perfectly do that on my own either within his suggested plan or...
Thanks for the gut-check. I've already opened a vanguard account last week and just need to mail off the custodian/transfer letter. I'll probably do 80% in an S&P index and play around a bit with the rest.
Hey everyone, I recently had a job change (now working at a major oilfield services company) and need to figure out what to do with my previous 401k plan (A pretty good balance after 8 years). I met with the financial advisor that manages my previous employer's plan and he recommended rolling my 401k and another IRA plan into a self directed IRA plan with a bunch of hand-picked stocks. Fees would total 1.3% of the balance each year and any trades within the plan would be...
I did not know about Pre-check. This is pretty awesome. Thanks guys!
Greetings everyone, Last week I had to fly out of town straight into a formal meeting / dinner setting. I decided to dress for the destination during the flight…  Between TSA screening, removing my shoes, watch, belts and jacket, trying to keep track of all wallet, iPhone, mirrorless Fujifilm camera and lugging around a leather laptop bag, the whole thing became a bit of a rigamarole. All of the sudden, Rick Steve's travel attire seemed very appealing to me at that...
401 not OK.
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