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I did not know about Pre-check. This is pretty awesome. Thanks guys!
Greetings everyone, Last week I had to fly out of town straight into a formal meeting / dinner setting. I decided to dress for the destination during the flight…  Between TSA screening, removing my shoes, watch, belts and jacket, trying to keep track of all wallet, iPhone, mirrorless Fujifilm camera and lugging around a leather laptop bag, the whole thing became a bit of a rigamarole. All of the sudden, Rick Steve's travel attire seemed very appealing to me at that...
401 not OK.
14% for the year. Not too shabby but a far cry from 31% in 2013.
Anyone know what type of jacket this is and where I can find one?
Yes, I've been hearing that the dip is a good thing because it got all of the speculative investors out of oil, and we should be seeing more realistic valuations in 2015.Just came into some play money for Xmas and will pick up some bellwether energy stocks.
Seems like the market has recovered quite a bit this week. How is everyone else's accounts looking?
Teen Who Said He Made Millions on Wall Street Admits to Hoax www.wsj.com/articles/teen-who-said-he-made-millions-on-wall-street-admits-to-hoax-1418761499
This makes a lot of sense. Thanks for walking me through the thinking.
@ amerikajinda can you explain to me your rationale behind having 25 funds spread out among 4 different accounts? Most just curious, I would imagine it would be hard to get an apple-to-apple performance comparison having to log into so many accounts.
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