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The announcements were a bit lackluster, I was hoping for an across the board update to Apple's desktop and laptop product line.
Didn't want to wait to see what Apple would announce in today's Mac event?
Down 10% today. Thinking about getting in, but would have to liquidate some VICSX to facilitate.
Thoughts on AAPL at $110?Someone discovered a hidden .tiff in OSX Sierra that shows what the next MacBook Pro (TBA later this week) will look like.Thinking of going into CMG if it dips below $400… 
Thanks for the link (It was news to me).I guess I'm a little confused. As far as I know; everything with the caveat: “Ships from and sold by Amazon.com” are genuine products procured from the manufacturer. If they're letting counterfeit goods into their warehouses consumer confidence would evaporate pretty quick.I agree with the general sentiment that the “Fulfillment” ecosystem Amazon has built up is a huge bit of corporate hand-washing and the nuance of which is lost on...
Yeah I don't buy any Amazon product that has the “Fulfilled by Amazon” caveat on it.The whole site has become a global flea market, main pet peeve is having to mentally keep track of reviews that were given in exchange for a free sample of the product (They usually disclose it in the review).
Caveat emptor = “Fulfilled by Amazon”
InInteresting article in Mother Jones this morning.http://bit.ly/2dUGRLwFrom my understanding of the issue, they would only have to modify a portion Medicare Part D (passed in 2003) to allow for the U.S. government to negotiate drug pricing directly with companies. Partisan politics aside, it's effectively a “screwdriver's turn” away from becoming a reality.Once prescription drugs costs in the U.S. creeps above 2% GDP it will become a more strident issue.
I don't think there would need to be major or widespread reform to make this happen… something along the lines of granting the department of Health and Human Services the authority to negotiate prices directly with pharmaceutical firms (The largest of which are mostly based outside the U.S.); compared to Obamacare, it would be an incremental add-on.A cynical backdoor approach might be to strong-arm the issue with a public safety cover like Zika or Ebola (thinking back to...
The public outcry over price gouging of orphan drugs and niche drugs (for no clear reason) seems very new to me.
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