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Ah, sold! Sorry all, there was some confusion re: international shipping on the eBay auction, so it looked as if it was available again this afternoon.
$175 -- let's move this thing!
Right now BB does not carry the extra slim fits in non-iron fabrics, which does make a difference from some of the BR shirts. I recently spoke to a sales associate at BB who said that the extra slim fit non-iron line will (hopefully) debut this fall, however.
Drop to $199.
Price drop to $219, and I've listed the item on eBay. Link included.
Price drop to $239.
Price dropped to $250.
Price drop to $265 -- make me an offer, I'd like to move this soon to fund up for a future purchase!
Depends. If you're wearing a BBBF in a reasonable fashion (i.e. not like TB himself wears suits), then yes. If you size up in BBBF and hem the pants to a normal break, then it is just a well-made, slim-fitting suit. Of course, in that case, you are arguably missing the point of Thom Browne. But who gives a **** about that.
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