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Heading to Cancun. Need refs in what CC's are smoking best now.
Excellent! I will definitely check it out. Thank you.
I am in the running for a sales management job. I was wondering if anyone knows any good books on the subject. I have had the displeasure to mostly work for pompous assholes that think the best way to manage is by fear and persistent riding the sales force. Which I personally found to be demotivating and frustrating. I am hoping there is another method. One that is more encouraging but still achieves the desired results. At the end of the day I realize you have to...
Well I guess I don't. However, my service is 30 Meg's which should be pretty damn fast. My work clocks just under 3 meg and I do not get the lag that I get at home. What else could it be?
Hopefully there are some computer guru's out there. I need advice on improving my home network. I currently have Time Warner internet 30 megs which should be quite fast. I currently have this modem/router: This is from Time Warner. We are currently leasing it. We have had it for about 18 months. Spec wise it seems descent. The biggest issue we are having is connectivity is intermittent at times. It also drags at...
It's a formality IMO. Without one you have eliminated yourself from contention. Let's face it we are in a job market where HR and recruiters are looking for reasons to narrow down their candidates. That said I feel like cover letters do not hold much value anymore. Who's going to write that they are a terrible employee and like to sleep in? A lot of ads want you to show "a proven record of success." That's not very easy to do unless you get trophies and medals for...
Smoke them while you can. I just talked to a cigar buddy of mine. He just signed an agreement that he would not use tobacco products. In return they did not raise his insurance. He is now subject to random tobacco testing. I never thought it could come to this.
There are sites that rate your resume? Can you provide a link to one? I tried do a web search but all I saw were sites of resume writers.
Good idea. That's a smarter use of Linked In then fighting the hoards of people applying for the jobs that are listed there.
Do any of you have a good resource for finding jobs? I am looking for something off of the beaten path of Monster, Indeed, Linked In, etc. the traditional sites seem overrun.
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