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Not a fan. Growing more and more frustrated with it each episode. I do like Seagell. The flashbacks are nauseating. Almost wish they would have done the back story the first season and set up the character like most shows do. It's disjointed the way they are doing it. I will add more lately to give others a chance to watch the show. I will say I think they are just going to kill everyone. Hell the show is over. Who cares right? At least that's what it feels like.
Man this thread is deader than Chalky and Van Alden. Probably not a good sign for the show this season.
Not a fan of the flashbacks. Surprised no one here has commented on Nucky's new muscle.
Yea the wire season five was the worst of the bunch. It was time.
^agree it's a risk.
I have not lied about my salary BUT I wouldn't lose a lot of sleep over doing it. Salary negotiation is a game IMO. Employers are always trying to turn the odds in their favor. Why shouldn't job seekers? Hell a majority of jobs do not even post a range anymore. I have had a couple interviews that start with a call from an HR person and about the 5th question is the salary I am looking for. I don't even have a full understanding of what the position entails yet, nor...
Next September.
Disappointed. Hated that Chalky's daughter was killed. Hate that Narcisse is still alive and there really was no closure. No closure for Chalky. Just too much left open. Chicago will be by far the best part of next season if the show follows through. Al is in charge now. Eli will be there and Van Alden appears to be a full time gangster now.
You mean the guy that just got the Emmy? Right. In case anyone missed it there will be a season 5. http://insidetv.ew.com/2013/09/26/boardwalk-empire-renewed-season-5/
I have never been a fan of Van Alden but I must say I have enjoyed him being ordered around by Capone.
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