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Up for sale is a pair of Dockers Alpha Khakis in size 31x30 in Copen Blue. Bottom opening is 7.5 inches. The Alpha is the first of its kind. A step up from denim and light-years from cubicle wear. These casual, slim-fitting khakis come in a range of colors. Break 'em in like jeans. Wear 'em like khaki. Slim Fit (D1) - slim through seat and thigh 100% Cotton, machine washable Heavier weight fabric molds to your body; Heavier stitching and reinforced seams Slim fit is...
Brand new unworn 3Sixteen SL-100x. You know the deal with these. * Size 31 (32.5" waist, 11" rise, 11.75" thigh, 8.4" knee, 37" inseam, 8" leg opening) I've done a few transactions here, I've done many many more on eBay - reydogg313atyahoocom Shipping will be $12 via USPS Priority
JubeiSpiegel - Those look great. Thanks for sharing I know most of us have been wondering what the Parkway looked like.
I dont think you should be so against wearing the Strands and McAllisters to work.
Are we able to order pairs from the Tent Sale by requesting a list of pairs in our size from the Shoe Bank?
I'd like to thank this thread for opening my eyes to Allen Edmonds. I only recently realized that I could find great deals on these shoes. I will be sending the Chocolate Players are being sent back. The Black Hales and Chili Powells are from the 2 for $200. The Walnut Lombards were my first pair.
What's the pricing on a suede harrington?
Cedric are you serious? He says they are Hales in the post, for crying out loud.
Doesn't Nordstrom only put black Park Avenues on sale?
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