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I wear a medium in Uniqlo oxfords and have a medium AD oxford from last season. The AD is slimmer and and shorter overall as you might expect. The best thing to do is measure a shirt you have and compare to the chart.
Do you guys think French Blues work for business casual? I think so but just wondering the consensus.
Question about Nordstroms sale in July. What models are usually included? From what I gather the Park Avenues and Strands are on the list. Thanks
Are the shirts from the old site still available? Mostly wondering about the AD Japanese Oxford.
Well it looks like I'm part of the club. Just got home from work to find my washed apricot and peach ADs waiting for me. I got M in the white and L in the peach. Medium is definitely my size but the large works too. Looking forward to future purchases.
Pants on pants on pants. Looking forward to details.
Does anybody know if the Vintage Washed White Apricot Oxford is white? Or does it have a cream/yellowish tint?
I'd like a suede jacket too but I'm not really feeling the T-1 and T-3. A suede harrington would be awesome.
Boomer those indigo/indigos are epic!
Sean - they've got them at Blue Owl http://www.blueowl.us/scripts/psp/VB_Bridge3.dll?VBPROG=\bin\shop.prodt.detail&SKU=7965000
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