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JubeiSpiegel - Those look great. Thanks for sharing I know most of us have been wondering what the Parkway looked like.
I dont think you should be so against wearing the Strands and McAllisters to work.
Are we able to order pairs from the Tent Sale by requesting a list of pairs in our size from the Shoe Bank?
I'd like to thank this thread for opening my eyes to Allen Edmonds. I only recently realized that I could find great deals on these shoes. I will be sending the Chocolate Players are being sent back. The Black Hales and Chili Powells are from the 2 for $200. The Walnut Lombards were my first pair.
What's the pricing on a suede harrington?
Cedric are you serious? He says they are Hales in the post, for crying out loud.
Doesn't Nordstrom only put black Park Avenues on sale?
I'm going to be doing the same thing once I get paid next week. Cant Wait!
I went with chocolate. I was on the fence between chocolate and snuff but wanted something darker and a bigger contrast from rest of my collection.
New Posts  All Forums: