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So sounds like the pile hoodie is basically reverse terry?
I bought a charcoal flash dual on Grailed and didnt realize how slim these are. I'm a large in villians and feel like I might need an XL in the flash duals. Gotta try it on again and see how I feel. Do you guys size the same for these vs other hoodies?
5 Days With John Elliott Before His Biggest Fashion Show Yet John Elliott's diary of the week leading up to his Fall/Winter 2017 runway show. I really hope the varsity jacket makes it to production.
Random question: Does anyone know the name of the son playing during the first video on the JE Instagram story?
I'm a Large in Classic Crews, Mercers and Classic Co-Mix and go with Medium in Anti-Expo.
Saks restocked maroon Anti-Expos in Small - XXL Edit - and they're on sale for $68.
I emailed END CS and was told the sale ends the 22nd.
Not sure what size or color you're looking for but Notre has Larges in Alpine and Maroon
Was the anti expo removed from JE's site or were they sold out?
It has to be the same color and it has to be in stock.
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