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Not at that price. I can get all my green coffee for under $10/lb. Even Gesha is less than $30/lb.
I like the first one for spring, not sure linen would work in colder weather.
Anyone else have input? They arrive on Tuesday.
Considering that I already own 4 navy suits and 3 brown suits, which should I add? This is already paid for, I just need to decide on color.
I am way ahead if confusing which varietal of coffee I roasted is the worst mistake of mine that the world knows about.
Boy is my face red. I went to roast my next batch this morning and realized that my last roast was not Gesha, but Ethiopia Yrgacheffe meant to be roasted to 2nd crack. The notes say, "Wild, spicy, individual nature" which I tasted as effervescent.Glad that I didn't butcher the Gesha like I thought. I did roast the Gesha this morning, still a little over (16.5%), but acceptable.
Yes, he included the service papers. The work was done by Gil-Bonnet, not Rolex. I agree with your point that even Rolex would not cover a cracked crystal. Lesson learned.
Thanks for joining just to contribute this insight.
I bought it from a local seller second hand. He stated, "the movement was totally overhauled in Switzerland in April, 2014, and service papers are provided" but I would have to check if the work was done by Rolex. Even if it was, would they honor the work for a person other than the one who paid for the overhaul?
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