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Exactly what I think of the Submariner being worn by people who never get wet unless it rains or a Daytona/Speedmaster being worn by people whose mode of transport is of the public variety.
Apropos of nothing other than my incessant curiosity, I really like the Pita Barcelona dive watches as the ultimate alternative to a Submariner. 2000m and 5000m options.
The new + panel for my Behmor has started my learning curve again. I hammered a roast of Gesha this morning. I was targeting 15% weight loss (City-City+) and got 17% (Full City-Full City+). I would usually be fine with 17%, but Gesha is the one varietal that everyone says should not get anywhere near 2nd crack. I will find out in a couple of days how it impacts the flavor.
None more black (gray?).
Thanks for visiting!
Yes, I can.Just because you have not experienced it does not mean it is impossible.
A good roaster can achieve that balance across a wide variety of subjective palates.
When both are present without either one dominating at the expense of the other.
My emphasis.
My first watch acquisition with a 1965 Montblanc 34 I received as a birthday present. Hard to tell, but the OuJ is on a navy/green/burgundy nylon strap instead of the usual leather.
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