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I am having trouble envisioning the Olive and Gold Windowpane turning out like the eddiemczee piece. The olive looks more subdued than the loden and the gold does not pop like the orange, nor does it appear to be as solid of a windowpane. Maybe I would see it better IRL or fully made up.I am loving the Navy Stitch Windowpane, but that's probably because most items in my closet include some shade of blue.Surprised the Chocolate Check is not getting more love.
Does he rinse paper filters prior to brewing to reduce or eliminate any paper flavor?
Hemp or cloth filters. Try a Hario Woodneck Nel Drip.
Not the case in the mother city. Although I avoid Blue Bottle because their prices are insane.
I would say Four Barrel, Sightglass, Blue Bottle and Saint Frank all roast up to Full City. Maybe they ship only their lighter stuff.
Where do y'all live? SF has plenty of variety.
Quoted for reality check.
I'd be curious how many posters to this thread actually do their own home brewing daily using a variety of methods/techniques and how many read about brewing techniques online and complain about third wave roasters.
Up dosing will result in the opposite of a cup with more body.
The Meatball Shop on Stanton at Allen is really good.
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