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Ordered in the same size. Further confusing things is that I realize that I have 2 service boots on the 2030 - the navy Latigo leather for FSC and the black calf that I think was the initial SF MTO. The Latigo leather is much roomier. The black calf is borderline too tight. Hopefully the CXL fits more like the Latigo.
Usually regular thickness dress socks, but I have worn with thicker winter socks and they are still fine. I have a thumb width of room at the toe, the sides are perfect and there is very slight heel slippage that I don't notice being a boot.These did feel very snug out of the box, but are perfect after a year of wear.
I'm still hesitating ordering these until I decide whether to order the same size as my service boots or go down 1/2 size. I wore my 2030 service boots today and I still can't decide. I have a thumb width of room in the toe and very slight heel slippage, but I think the sides would be too tight if I went down 1/2 size.
Thanks so much, and you are a credit to your reading comprehension classes.
Really? My feet are not wide or narrow. So the answer to your question is "no."
So just in time to wait until next summer to wear them. I don't see these as a cold/foul weather shoe.
I am a size 10 Barrie and I went with 9.5 for the Viberg 2030. I would be swimming in size 10 in the 2030.
For those familiar with the Vass F last, how much difference is there between size 43.5 and 44? I would usually go for 43.5, but the shoe I am considering is only available in 44. Is there a huge difference? Thanks!
So much win.
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