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My old neighborhood (3rd Place off Court Street). Brings back a lot of nostalgia.
Is this the same color as the Four Roses silk from a couple years ago?
Here's a picture. You can see the rust on the date wheel. It is interesting that the water spots on the dial are more visible to the naked eye than in this picture. I get the whole "character" thing with vintage watches, but all the rust and water spots do is make me want to kick myself for not taking it off.
Thanks all, I came to the conclusion that they did the best they could to get it running while retaining originality. I just wanted confirmation. I will see if I can find a period correct replacement dial and date wheel, but live with the water damage in the meantime. Resale value is not an issue as it is a birth year watch that I will keep. I would like it as clean as possible if I can find a replacement dial and/or date wheel.
Third party.
I picked up my 1965 Datejust last week from the overhaul prompted by water getting inside. It is running fine, but I have a couple of questions. First, the date wheel now has rust spots. I asked about it when I picked it up and was told I would have to find a replacement. Is it correct that a repair/service center can't remove rust from a date wheel? Also, the dial has water spots visible to the naked eye. Should I expect those to have been cleaned up during service or...
My Behmor sits on my kitchen counter next to my stove top. The Behmor has smoke suppression and I turn on the exhaust fan to eliminate any smoke that does get out. From a purely economic view, I go through about 26 lbs of coffee a year. At an average of $7/lb for green beans, that is $182. Compare that to buying roasted beans at an average of $14 (at the LOW end) for .75 lbs. and I would pay $455. That's almost the cost of a Behmor roaster in the first year. For those...
Those costs are recovered in the long haul. I can get 2+ lbs of green coffee for less than 3/4 lbs of roasted coffee.
Not at that price. I can get all my green coffee for under $10/lb. Even Gesha is less than $30/lb.
New Posts  All Forums: