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So much win.
So this might be over thinking it, but I have a pair of service boots on the 2030 last. Would I order the same size for the derby or go down 1/2 size to make sure there is no heel slippage?
And if you want this replicated on a resole, ONLY send back to Viberg. Nobody else can pull this off as I discovered personally.
I never go sans socks, that's just nasty. Ankle socks at least.
Woodneck, also called nel drip.
Let's lock this down and book the order.
Possible to order without Dainite heel? I prefer a full JR double leather sole/heel.
This. I want the exact shoe pictured other than the leather.
I vote the same.
I am in for natch cxl, but natural Latigo would be amazing. Something like this...
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