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Thoughts on the merits / cons of these, which are all surprisingly in my budget. 5513 Rolex Submariner (1.7M Serial #) Omega "Ed White" Speedmaster Heuer Carrera 45
Still looking for a vintage chrono, but a general question about "tool" watches in the meantime. The big two categories that I see are diver or chronographs. I might possibly need to time something (a 3 minute egg say), but I don't anticipate ever needing to descend 660 ft underwater. What is the appeal of the diver watch other than the association with Bond?
I also have an original LIDO as my daily grinder. It would be good for travel provided you are not flying. I use the Zass I linked earlier for air travel because it fits inside the Aeropress for a very compact and hard to break combo.
This is great if you don't need to grind more than around 17 grams at a time -
That pretty much describes any Gesha I have tasted. Light bodied, sweet/floral, tea like finish. Some love it, others don't. I happen to love it because it is so different from anything else. Plus, I buy green from Sweet Marias and roast at home, so my costs are lower.
If you mean the the Compax (Nina), that would be my first choice, but out of my price range. I like how the smaller case sits on the wrist. I am not a fan of a 40mm + case.
Thanks for the suggestions, all.. Keep them coming while I do some research.
I am considering adding a chrono to my modest collection. A vintage Speedmaster is the obvious choice, but I would appreciate suggestions of bargain alternatives. Not cheap, just good value and perhaps off the beaten path / under the radar. Preference to watches that have an outer bezel like the Speedy. Thanks in advance.
That's what she said.I thought the same thing until I compared them side by side. The dilution method resulted in a better tasting cup for my palate.
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