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I am considering adding a chrono to my modest collection. A vintage Speedmaster is the obvious choice, but I would appreciate suggestions of bargain alternatives. Not cheap, just good value and perhaps off the beaten path / under the radar. Preference to watches that have an outer bezel like the Speedy. Thanks in advance.
That's what she said.I thought the same thing until I compared them side by side. The dilution method resulted in a better tasting cup for my palate.
I have been using the metal filter for a few years now.My inverted method. I've since gone to 60% coffee/40% water dilution.40% dilution for the recipe below = 152ml water in the Aeropress for a 132ml yield, then diluting with 88ml water.Inverted.16g coffee, 3 clicks counter clockwise from closed on a Porlex mini.Pour 50 grams water at 190*, start clock, stir.At 30 seconds, add water to 130 grams.Screw on filter, press air out.At 1:30, flip and plunge into mug. Should take...
Agreed on the DJ as an all around watch.
I received this last week from Context and the fit is slightly small. Probably best for a true size 42. $950 includes shipping and paypal. http://www.contextclothing.com/brands/schott-nyc/ss14-model-113-cxl Shoulder = 19" Chest = 22.5" (x2) Sleeve length = 25" Back length = 26"
I am moving into my new home at the end of the month and need a washer/dryer. My top priority, aside from getting clothes clean, is a great delicate cycle to wash most of the clothes I would otherwise dry clean. This does not include items that clearly should ONLY be dry cleaned. I have narrowed it down to a used Miele set or a new Whirlpool Duet set. For those of you who have recently purchased a new washer/dryer, what factors played into your decision? Pros for...
Kicking myself that I missed these.
Now considering reasonable offers. Worst that can happen is I don't respond.
Now considering reasonable offers. Worst that can happen is I don't respond.
You can't argue. Ain't even arguable as it's a fact of truth.He's already won. He's a winner on the interwebz.
New Posts  All Forums: