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Thanks. I would be buying to wear it in regular rotation. They are asking $9K, but "entertaining all offers." I am thinking of offering $4800. Worst that can happen is they decline.
I'm still looking for a Reverso from the 1930s. Any comments on this currently available from Robert Maron?
Can anyone advise on how the driving moc - - fits in comparison to Alden Barrie last?
Why not post in a thread about tea?
For those that have experience with the Master-Piece "Over" daypack and flaptop pictured below What do you like about it? What would you change, if anything?
I am brewing Sweet Maria's Ethiopia Yirga Cheffe Dry Process - Gedeb Asasa this week. I roasted to Full City, slightly darker than usual. I am not sure about the mouth feel I get from dry process.
I love the drop in contributors with sophisticated taste.
Me too. I would purchase if I had some certainty on the dial refinish. I can't find any similar dials.
The pic is actually from an eBay auction for a vintage late '30s watch. My only hesitation is that the dial has been refinished and the seller can't provide details. The seller's response to my inquiry was, "The dealer who supplied this one is beyond repute and we did a lot of checking to make sure everything was right and the dial style is identical to the original design."
I was just about to ask what others think of the DJ as a "dress watch." As I have been looking at chronos, it occurred to me that I don't really have a true dress watch. My 1965 DJ is the closest, but not sure the bracelet works for formal.I do love the Reverso as a dress watch.
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