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I would jump on the Fair Isle if they had XL. Then again, I should check my closet to make sure I don't already own it...
I would be on board for this. Hopsack pants and a waistcoat would make a stylin' 3 piece suit.
I was just about to pull the trigger on a pair of G&G Hoves when this pops up...
Must. Have. Both. Items. Can't. Resist.You will be assimilated.
Right after I posted the question, Groupon sent an offer for a ConAir steamer for $49 including shipping. I had $10 in Groupon bucks, so only $39 to my door. Nice!
Hi Mike and Matt... Thought this might be a good question for the group. What do you recommend to iron the hopsack blazer? I notice some wrinkling on the back after a day on public transit and the office. Thanks!
This is interesting as I just today came across the Hove on Leffot and prefer the look to the Dover. My aesthetic is that the longer vamp makes it dressier, where the Dover looks like a casual walking shoe. Strictly one man's opinion...
So if I am a 10.5D???
Half size too large and I can't talk myself into it since you mention they run large if anything. Best of luck on the sale.
Thanks. I figure the MTM program would allow me to spec my own shoulder preferences. It appears the Wilkes Bashford sale ended yesterday.
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