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Fixed.I use French Press when I want to wash down breakfast or brunch. Pour over is to press as a boutique vintage wine is to two buck chuck. Discuss.I will say that it is FAR easier to screw up pour over than press because of all the variables involved to produce good pour over. I can only guess that you haven't had correctly prepared pour over.
Considering this is purely a matter of personal taste, my heart isn't broken by what anyone else thinks. I enjoy a good french press as much as the next guy. However, I prefer Chemex for the clarity.
Wow, the Panama Esmeralda Gesha I just got from Sweet Marias for $28 a lb. is a bargain!
From A Suitable Wardrobe... "In 1960, the columnist George Frazier singled out the late A. J. Drexel Biddle, then sixty-three and the Adjutant General of Pennsylvania, as the best-dressed man in the United States. It’s worth examining what was in his closet because it was much less than we might expect. Biddle's wardrobe contained seven suits: -three blue solids, two of them double breasted and one single breasted -two blue pinstripes, one single breasted and one double...
This is one of the best black suits I have seen. The Bedford cord lets it be dressed up or casual depending on the shirt and shoes.
I love the multi-guncheck conceptually, but I know myself well enough that I would rarely wear it. The tobacco guncheck is more my style.I'm deciding between the grey POW, the glen plaid w/burgundy, the glen plain w/purple and the current front runner, the grey Donegal with red flecks.
Surprise me. Edit to add... I already own the Caine in navy hopsack, the Weller in Harris Tweed black and grey herringbone and the Daltrey in Harris Tweed dark green multi-fleck. I also own a FSC sportcoat that is quite close to the peat multi-check in the factory finds.
Seeking group think... I may have some unexpected funds available. What do you think is the best fabric left in the factory finds?
Nice to see the women's blazer in this thread. I have recommended it to several friends.
New Posts  All Forums: