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My only quibble with some of the NOMOS watches is the orientation of the side numbers.
I know Stitches posted from Hodinkee about the Ochs and Junior moon phase a while back, but these watches are amazing. Complex functions with minimal parts. Annual Calendar: Moon Phase (accurate for 3478.27 years, based on five components):
Sounds like a winner. I love any variation on a croque.
I've been to Nobu when I lived in NYC. I was underwhelmed. Is LA better?
Thanks. I would also appreciate suggestions for best sushi. Willing to drive anywhere for that.
Something like this RGM?
This description triggered the memory that I went here last time I was in LA. Would not go back.
I'm going to be in LA in a couple of weeks for a few days. We have reservations at Ink on Saturday night. Will probably shop at South Willard on Friday. I could use some recommendations for dining (breakfast/lunch/brunch/dinner), shopping other than the South Willard area and places to shop for watches (new or vintage). Thanks.
The only place I found info was on watchbuys - http://www.watchbuys.com/store/pc/Thomas-Ninchritz-Watches-From-WatchBuys-d67.htm
My vote is mesh or black NATO. Six of one... And now for something I don't think I have seen in this thread, a watch with one hand, the Pita Barcelona Minimal. I love the idea of a single hand that takes 12 hrs to complete one revolution. This one is WAY out of my budget at $11K, but I have found a similar model by Schauer for under $4K. I also like this regulateur. What do y'all think of these unusual designs?
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