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In with the most historically accurate sole (leather?). Is this their UK or US sizing?
Since you had a Tigers hat on your desk, I offer...
NY corner delis have the best bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches. A nice bagel sandwich is all I miss...
So I am all for either being authentic to what would have been on the original WW2 version or the Danite sole from the FSC boot. Leaning a little toward the original since I have the FSC boot on the way.
I figured "as pictured" meant the danite sole similar to the Viberg for FSC boot. If not, then I would go for that sole also. Is there any info on the sole as pictured?
Question for Mike - do you have any plans for in-house shirting without back darts?
In as pictured, but need to know when these would be delivered.
I probably wear my Caine Sportcoat in Navy Hopsack the most. I see my Caine Sportcoat in gray Harris Tweed getting more wear now that it is cooling down. The Green Marl Sportcoat gets several positive comments every time I wear it. I guess that all my Epaulet purchases are equally favored. Sort of like asking a parent to name a favorite child.
When would these be delivered?
Thanks Mike. I had it dry cleaned and have a follow up question... the collar and bottom hem both have sort of deformed like some kind of shrinking or wrinkling. I have seen this on one of my polos with the same type of bottom hem. Is this normal even when dry cleaned?
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