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That is classic.
Be aware that B. Nelson cannot replicate the double row of stitching that Viberg does. I found this out after the fact when they came back with the new stitching done more or less over the top of the decorative 2nd row. See below. You can even see where the original row of stitching was much closer to the edge.Totally ruined the look of my boots in my opinion. I haven't worn them since getting them back from B. Nelson.Also, if you ship them in a box you want back, like the...
Great point about the "childish" appearance. I think that could only apply to the Settimana and then only because of the orange crayon appearance of the numerals. Personally, I like it.
Yeah, I thought the same thing. But the more I look at it, the more I see it as an anti-status symbol/branding watch.
Interesting you bring this up. I have been thinking about getting a watch that is "fun", this day of the week watch from Ochs and Junior. Note how the day dot lines up with the numbers 1-7. Designed for children, but I love the whimsy.
My only quibble with some of the NOMOS watches is the orientation of the side numbers.
I know Stitches posted from Hodinkee about the Ochs and Junior moon phase a while back, but these watches are amazing. Complex functions with minimal parts. Annual Calendar: Moon Phase (accurate for 3478.27 years, based on five components):
Sounds like a winner. I love any variation on a croque.
I've been to Nobu when I lived in NYC. I was underwhelmed. Is LA better?
Thanks. I would also appreciate suggestions for best sushi. Willing to drive anywhere for that.
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