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If you are referring to the Vacheron, it is 35. The only reasons I did not buy it on the spot were that it seemed small on my wrist and I don't care for gold watches. I would have gotten past the size if it was silver.
Black tie was the first thing that popped into my head when I saw this in person.
Yes, my bad. Suit and tie. Not black or white tie.
My initial thought also, but swap the bracelet out for a black leather strap and, hmmm...
I agree that 36 is probably the right size to work for both casual and formal dress. Any thoughts on this 1985 GMT 16753? Could this be pulled off with formal wear?
I recommend getting these with Dainite rather than the leather sole.
Yes, that's why I am avoiding ebay and only going with dealer who have a documented reputation. Fortunately, I work around the corner from HQ Milton in San Francisco.
They are both 1002's from 1964 and 1963 respectively. I'd love to get the Explorer, but, at $5,200, it's double what I would like to spend. The 1002's are around $1600 each.I want one watch that I can wear with both casual and formal dress. Is that too much to ask?
You are correct, it is a 1967 1016.
Are you referring to this Explorer? If so, I am thinking about blowing my budget for one. My alternatives are below it. All are about 1/3 of the price of the Explorer. The Omega is less than 1/5.
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