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You are correct, it is a 1967 1016.
Are you referring to this Explorer? If so, I am thinking about blowing my budget for one. My alternatives are below it. All are about 1/3 of the price of the Explorer. The Omega is less than 1/5.
Sounds right. I am a 9.5 in the 2030 last and I should have ordered these in a 9.
I voted for #1 and then ordered a Mercer shirt with the 25% first time buyer discount.
I suggest Hogs and Rocks on 19th between Mission and Valencia. Their happy hour features $1 oysters and they have some of the best drinks in the city. Open to other suggestions.
Nope, just a couple of miles a day on the streets of SF. Were you wearing your Prada and Miu Miu everyday or rotating them?
Interesting and disappointing as these are $650 boots from a well known maker.
Dumb question that I think I know the answer... could this have been caused by not enough rest between wearings? I was trying to get some aging by wearing them almost every day for the last three months.
Seriously? These are less than 3 months old.
In the spirit of "damage report"... Can these be repaired or do I need a full resole? In either case, any recommendations in San Francisco? Thanks.
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