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Need deets so I can search for it on the eBay.
NUMA JEANNIN Men's Chrono Late 1970's Chronograph, 17 Jewels, Caliber Valjoux 7733, 14k gold-plated case. In excellent condition and a rare find among swiss-made watches today. The watch has been completely serviced and overhauled.
I can't get a good fit picture of this jacket, but hopefully this shows the issue... I took this Poole jacket to my tailor to have the shoulders narrowed and slim the overall fit. It seemed fine when I picked it up until I got home and buttoned it to discover that the left side of the jacket is pulling to the left. In the picture, you can see that the back seam runs to the left of the buttons, the pinstripes are all slanted on the left side (your right in the picture) and...
I did a search, but came up empty. Can anyone suggest reputable dealers in the US for used watches? More specifically, I will be in Los Angeles the end of May and would love to do some in person shopping if I can get some recommendations.
If you are referring to the Vacheron, it is 35. The only reasons I did not buy it on the spot were that it seemed small on my wrist and I don't care for gold watches. I would have gotten past the size if it was silver.
Black tie was the first thing that popped into my head when I saw this in person.
Yes, my bad. Suit and tie. Not black or white tie.
My initial thought also, but swap the bracelet out for a black leather strap and, hmmm...
I agree that 36 is probably the right size to work for both casual and formal dress. Any thoughts on this 1985 GMT 16753? Could this be pulled off with formal wear?
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