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I was going to say it took a pair to post this embarrassing story, but based on the tight fit of those pants, well...
Dare I ask if any new Carmina styles are in the works? I dare.
The band.
Not being a smart-ass, you couldn't shrink and hem the RS off the ground?
There should be a forum sticky stating "COLD wash, HANG dry." The only thing that sees hot/warm water and the dryer are my socks and underwear.
Looks fine. A lower rise would look like jeans. These are meant to be trousers. Check Epaulets chinos for lower rise.
For those that ordered the 04, what made you decide between the RN and the RS?
You mean he wasn't already? Great customer service and patience from SENY and SESF. I would have waited til noon in SF, but I was advised to order as soon as they went on sale. I wasn't sure if I should go with Narrow or Straight after I ordered Narrow from NY. I drove to SF, tried the Straights and decided to stick with the Narrow based on the fit. Changed my mind after I got home and called Thomas for the third time to switch to the Straight. Props for keeping his...
Tried to order RN04 Narrow, put it in my cart, completed my address info, sold out when I the screen returned to my cart. Called the NY store and the Roys are so popular it crashed the site. Fortunately they were able to take my order over the phone.
Epaulet is to SoHo as the Upper West Side is to TriBeCa. Discuss.
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