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From A Suitable Wardrobe... "In 1960, the columnist George Frazier singled out the late A. J. Drexel Biddle, then sixty-three and the Adjutant General of Pennsylvania, as the best-dressed man in the United States. It’s worth examining what was in his closet because it was much less than we might expect. Biddle's wardrobe contained seven suits: -three blue solids, two of them double breasted and one single breasted -two blue pinstripes, one single breasted and one double...
This is one of the best black suits I have seen. The Bedford cord lets it be dressed up or casual depending on the shirt and shoes.
I love the multi-guncheck conceptually, but I know myself well enough that I would rarely wear it. The tobacco guncheck is more my style.I'm deciding between the grey POW, the glen plaid w/burgundy, the glen plain w/purple and the current front runner, the grey Donegal with red flecks.
Surprise me. Edit to add... I already own the Caine in navy hopsack, the Weller in Harris Tweed black and grey herringbone and the Daltrey in Harris Tweed dark green multi-fleck. I also own a FSC sportcoat that is quite close to the peat multi-check in the factory finds.
Seeking group think... I may have some unexpected funds available. What do you think is the best fabric left in the factory finds?
Nice to see the women's blazer in this thread. I have recommended it to several friends.
Best picture in 1210 pages. Thanks for sharing.
Yes, it is one of those colors that could be amazing or a trainwreck. Impossible to know without seeing it on me, but leaning toward trainwreck with my (lack of) hair and coloring.
Was the Caine retired?
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