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Blue Bottle instructions for their New Orleans iced. I used a french press and then filtered what came out after steeping 24 hrs. through a second filter. I did not add the sweetener since it shortens the time the concentrate will keep.
Excellent purchase and great story of how it came to be.
Love this new watch... http://www.hodinkee.com/blog/daniel-malchert-introduces-his-own-watch-born-in-germany
Thanks, read that this morning. I'm loving the patina dual time... damn.
This is what I will be doing after BNelson resoled my Viberg Boondockers. Manufacturer only.
For some reason, I don't mind the date on the Stowa since it is at 6:00 instead of the usual 3:00. I don't even mind 3:00 if it is offset so as to not replace the numeral.
Then he is an idiot. Never store in the freezer. The last thing coffee beans need is humidity. There are air sealed bags for storing coffee.
Very nice. Congrats on getting it back. I actually prefer that to a Speedy. Heresy, I know.
Thanks guys, I blush! I wouldn't call myself a "top contributor" compared to many on this thread. I am thankful that I have the means and took the time to find pieces that spoke to me. You may have noticed that both these watches have no branding, unless the "Lancaster, PA - USA" on the RGM would be considered branding. This is a theme I will continue to explore. After all, none of my clothing has obvious branding.
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