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My last 2 years in NY were on 3rd Place between Court and Clinton. Great neighborhood. Unfortunately, I left before Epaulet opened. The Grocery on Smith is/was excellent. Schnack on Union near Columbia was great for... wait for it.... snacks. Edit - Never mind, closed. In Williamsburg, Sea was great and there was a great Indian place on either 2nd or 3rd Street. My take on Luger's is pass unless they have improved significantly. I went there with friends several times....
How did XL sell out in 30 min?
Like you said before, you married the right woman.
Nice work. I will be interested to see the bespoke suit results as the price is very reasonable.
I would disagree, there are plenty of RTW shoes - Lobb, Edward Green, Corthay, G&G, etc. - that would pair perfectly with a bespoke suit.
Epaulet also carries their own version of the Carmina double monks.
Year round as long as it is dry.
Except that you missed their fourth "base" style that has no shoulder padding.
Actually, they added a fourth "base" model... http://shop.freemanssportingclub.com/pages/suiting-j4"The most recent addition to the roster, the hallmarks of the J4 are comfort and lightness. We achieve this by removing the shoulder pads, reducing the lining and constructing the suit on a lighter canvas. The end result is a fully canvassed suit that Is extremely comfortable."
So FSC uses better fabric and more hand tailoring is what I am getting.
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