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I can only think they are going to reweave the holes shut and start over. I am not sure how that would look, though I have seen some amazing reweaving.
I have an alteration question. I took some sportcoats to my local tailor for hand sewn buttonholes on the sleeve. Two of them came out great, but I think a different person did this one. The holes are not cut parallel to each other, the button spacing is off, the cuts don't start and end evenly and even the stitching is different (some have a keyhole, some have a sideways "p" and some are just gashes). My tailor says to bring it in for him to fix, but I would like...
I'm using an Orphan Espresso Lido set to 2-1/4 turns counterclockwise from zero. 300ml takes 3 min.
Hario Woodneck. http://www.ritualroasters.com/store/woodneck/The coffee is cleaner with no paper taste because the filter is cloth. Maybe more oils get through. The Prima Coffee description sums it up nicely, "In our opinion, cloth filter brewers are capable of brewing the best cups of coffee you’ll ever drink. The elimination of any papery taste and the thorough filtration of fines produce a crazy clean cup. We like every coffee that we've tried with this method. The most...
Picked this up last week. I did not think it would be a huge difference from Chemex. I was wrong. Easily the best cup I have brewed at home.
Exactly what I am hoping for from the generous knowledge of others.I will say that my hesitancy with vintage is not knowing reputable dealers and not knowing anything about what to look for with respect to movements, authenticity, etc. Buying new from an AD eliminates those concerns.
Double post, mea culpa.
I like the small company aesthetic with a lot of handwork rather than a large company. Sort of like choosing a small luthier to hand make a guitar instead of buying a Gibson or Fender. Gibson and Fender makes some great guitars, but I am drawn to the little guy.I also love their very clean look. I don't like clutter.I am open to alternatives whether new or used, but the Habring2 watches are very appealing.Maybe it would help if I share what I DO like... numbers only at 12,...
It doesn't have to be new. I know it is blasphemy, but Rolex does not appeal to me. I am looking at JLC watches in my budget.I would compromise versatility, not quality.See above, neither watch appeals to me.I appreciate all the input and JLC is certainly a contender and maybe even the Speedmaster.While I understand the concerns about parts, here is another Habring in my budget that has a vintage 1960's Valjoux 7733 movement that the Habring's have remanufactured. This is...
I have considered it, but I don't see it with a suit. A little too sporty.
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