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Define "unmatched." In volume or taste? The worst pour over I have tasted is still better than the best cup of Peet's I have tasted.
This is a common trick for home roasters called a melange. Roast 1/2 lb. to a medium roast and another 1/2 lb. of the same bean to a dark roast and mix together to get the best of both. I think I have only seen Blue Bottle do it commercially.I agree with aravenel on Peet's. The lesser of two evils when traveling, but only if I have exhausted all avenues to find a good pour over. Peet's roast too dark for my tastes.
Because he was obviously a troll?
Thanks, I appreciate it. I have a hard time getting excited about giving my money to large companies that won't notice whether I buy or not.This one is used, but I figured it is an inexpensive way to add a 2nd independent.
It's a watch RGM did for the Equation of Time website. It is based on a Hamilton deck watch from the 40s. It is no longer available.Read more about it here - http://www.justmywatches.com/private/watches/22/22review.htm
Women hate bad grammar. Maybe that's your problem. Or that you are a troll. Potato, potahto.
Hug it out, troll...
This will be sharing time (pun intended) on my wrist with my OuJ sometime next week...
Seeking validation and arguing with people on the interwebs = priceless. The OP is either 12, a troll, or both. This thread is the Special Olympics poster child for Dumb Threads.
My undying thanks to Piobaire for driving you away.
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