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Nothing as fancy as a minute repeater or a tourbillon, but the unboxing of my latest...
Nicely done, let's not stop at one.
Great info from A Y. My tips for pour over for those still wanting to try. This was over a year of trying various methods. Ratio - 20 grams beans to 300ml water (Woodneck or V60) or 40 grams beans to 600ml water (Chemex). I find my favorite cafes (Four Barrel, Stumptown) use this ratio. A burr grinder is HIGHLY recommended. Thoroughly rinse the filter with hot water before adding grounds. After dumping the ground beans into the filter, shake it several times to force...
More poetry, please. Maybe some haikus.
I'm not a fan of Blue Bottle or Sightglass. Blue Bottle roasts too dark for me and, although I don't mind Sightglass beans at home, I don't care for pour over at Sightglass.I realize I am in the minority, but I like the acidity up front. I don't care for coffee with a lot of body. The first thing I ask at a new pour over spot is for their most acidic roast.My recommendations of Four Barrel and Paper or Plastik may do nothing for you because we are after different tastes...
Agreed, we are looking for different tastes from our coffee.Some might say the whole point of pour over is to reduce body and accentuate the higher notes. Perhaps what you call "sour" I taste as acidic fruit notes. I can't comment on famous cafes since I do most of my pour over at home. My own pour over with a Hario Woodneck with cloth filter is far from thin, sour, and underextracted. I have also had good pour over at Four Barrel in SF and Paper or Plastik in LA.But...
Define "unmatched." In volume or taste? The worst pour over I have tasted is still better than the best cup of Peet's I have tasted.
This is a common trick for home roasters called a melange. Roast 1/2 lb. to a medium roast and another 1/2 lb. of the same bean to a dark roast and mix together to get the best of both. I think I have only seen Blue Bottle do it commercially.I agree with aravenel on Peet's. The lesser of two evils when traveling, but only if I have exhausted all avenues to find a good pour over. Peet's roast too dark for my tastes.
Because he was obviously a troll?
Thanks, I appreciate it. I have a hard time getting excited about giving my money to large companies that won't notice whether I buy or not.This one is used, but I figured it is an inexpensive way to add a 2nd independent.
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