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The new socks are definitely no show. I tried them with penny loafers and very low cut sneakers.
Got 'em, thanks. I will report back after I try with loafers.
Cold wash, hang dry. Nothing shrinks.
I recently pulled everything in my closet that was made in China or that I bought too small just because I had to have the item. Donated everything to charity. Nice to have the extra room in my closet/drawers.
@Essential, this isn't twitter. #special flower.Yeah, now that I slow down and think about it, you are probably smarter than me. And anyone else on this forum. As demonstrated by starting three threads on the same topic. All hail the special flower.
Did you really need to post this three times? The special flower quotient is off the charts lately.
Hmmm... this made me go rummage through my closet. 14 shirts (would be several more if my size didn't sell out quickly in the koi, strawberry thief, etc.) 2 sport Coats/blazers 1 three piece suit 10 pair pants/trousers 2 pair jeans 4 sweaters/cardigans 1 CPO jacket 5 pair shoes I was thinking recently that I could only wear items bought from Epaulet and have a pretty complete wardrobe.
Another special flower adds its fragrance to the community...
Did the forum have a promotion to get special flowers to join? Do a search.
Nothing wrong with bordering on feminine when you are a raging heterosexual.
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