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Epaulet CPO Jacket in grey. Excellent condition, only worn a few times on the way to work in the morning. Size is XL = 44US.
[Joking]Not quite as intimidating, but then you aren't as easy on the eyes.[/Joking]Seriously, great to see Epaulet adding items for the women. Go to for gifts.
New summer shoe time. Which? OR
If there were Power Rankings for lapel rolls, this would be at the top.
I agree with NYR that we all obsess about this stuff too much. The thing I remind myself is that these are just pants. These things add individual character. Every stain, snag, etc. is a story.
Bought on the forum - http://www.styleforum.net/t/294484/charcoal-striped-3-pc-three-piece-savile-row-london-bespoke-suit-with-vest-44-45 - and decided I won't be able to tailor to fit me. Extra large in size, measures as a 44/45 Long to Extra Long. The trousers have been let out from 38 or 39 inches to 42 inches, and cannot be let out any further. Chest 47" Sleeves 26" Shoulders 20" Extra long jacket Waist 42" inseam 33.5" Rise 14" Vest is 44" chest $250>$225 +...
The point is that being an annoying prick transcends gender, race, sexual orientation or any other politically correct flag you want to hide behind.How's this?You're an annoying prick. We get it. Bravo.
I'm on the fence about the pre-order for these also. Ideally, a whole 3-piece suit it this fabric would magically make its way to the city by the bay.
Measuring the inner circumference with the pants buttoned, I get around 38.25-38.5"
Epaulet camaraderie is the best! Gold, Jerry, gold!
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