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What size are you and how does the size M fit? I can't decide if I am a medium or large. I'm a 42, which would be a M in most of Leder's tops, but not sure if this is meant to fit oversize.
Where are you finding MTM/bespoke for $1000 in the bay area? Al's has the best pricing I know of, every other place starts at $2000-2500. I agree with others that RTW and a tailor are your best options at the $500 price point.
I need a couch to jump up and down on!!!
Fitting that the store owner has the bossest looks... I especially love the one-off Southwick.
Freeman's Sporting Club Millerain jacket with removable liner... http://shop.freemanssportingclub.com/collections/all/products/isle-of-man-ttCould be the only jacket I would ever need in SF.
Treating myself for my birthday. Choice between... Same item reversed... OR OR
Add this to the barn red bedford cords as items I regret sleeping on when I had more discretionary income.
This is one of my tricks also, although I add it after brewing.
You can order them now? How many fittings?
Four Barrel here in SF does 40 grams of coffee per 600 ml of water. I use the same ratio at 45 grams to 675 ml.Stumptown recommends 42 grams of coffee for 20 oz (~591 ml) of water.
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