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Again, my opinion is that you are a troll wasting time and bandwidth. /Thread
You should get on that.
My opinion is that you are a troll. /Thread
I thought for sure this was about dressing better than Bruce Springsteen. He is the only capital B.
I saw the post last night, but was too stunned by the sheer brilliance of the Mod Awning Stripe to type anything.
I'm confused as the description on your website states that these come with a double leather sole.
Agreed, I only included them because I have not worn them yet.So it is either the Navy marls or a grey pant. Still need to decide on the sport coat.
I need some advice for a work event tomorrow. We are having an all hands meeting with the world wide sales force. Not really a suit and tie occasion, but definitely a step of from jean/chinos and a casual shirt. I'm thinking either the Navy Marl... Or the French Blue chino (yeah, I know I said no chinos, but I just got them)... Either with a white shirt. My dilemma is what sport coat to wear. I have the Navy Hopsack Caine from Epaulet... A grey/black Harris tweed...
My last 2 years in NY were on 3rd Place between Court and Clinton. Great neighborhood. Unfortunately, I left before Epaulet opened. The Grocery on Smith is/was excellent. Schnack on Union near Columbia was great for... wait for it.... snacks. Edit - Never mind, closed. In Williamsburg, Sea was great and there was a great Indian place on either 2nd or 3rd Street. My take on Luger's is pass unless they have improved significantly. I went there with friends several times....
How did XL sell out in 30 min?
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