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That's why I do everything from roast to brew at home. I can get 16+ cups for less than $10. Tastes better, too.
And you are questioning those who prefer single origin? Just sayin'.
My thoughts exactly.
Behmor 1600. I couldn't justify spending more, though when you consider cost of goods and cup yield, I'm usually at ~$0.50 per cup. The savings are definitely worth it.
Roasted 1/2 lb. of Panama Esmeralda Gesha last week. Tricky to roast because you have to avoid second crack, but the results in the cup are stellar. If any coffee is worth $26.50 a pound, this is it. Considering a pound yields 16-20 cups, I'm still around $1.65 per cup or less.
I haven't seen any responses to Mike's offer of MTO sportcoats in brown wool-mink-cash. What's up with that?
If you find 4B to light, try Ritual on Valencia, Sightglass in SOMA or Blue Bottle (several locations). Blue Bottle roasts too dark for my taste. St. Frank on South Park and on Polk in Russian Hill is also good.
I've roasted the Esmeralda Gesha from SM at home and it's excellent. Would never pay $80++ for someone else to roast.
Carry on.
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