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Actually, I pretty much have it. The date is easy because the hash marks are every five dots, so 2:00 = 5th, 4:00 = 10th, etc. The month I mentally split into two half circles of six dots each so it is easier to calculate. The day of the week is probably the most difficult to read, but I use the top dot as Sunday, so the rest of the circle is split into three days each. Not sure if that all makes sense, but it works for me.
Obligatory wrist shot...
Who prefers making their own cup of coffee rather than going to the cafe and buy some?
I am interested in this also. Does anyone have recommendations?
It's all good, I didn't take your comments as criticism. All the different opinions in this thread helped me zero in on what was important to me.
There is no charge for customizing colors unless you want gold hands or something like that.This is exactly why I wanted an OuJ. Everything else I was looking at was too staid and serious. Style should be fun, no?
Hardly. I can't compare to many posters in this thread. And it will take me a couple of years to save for the next two.
I plan to wear the annual calendar during the day, the moonphase in the evening, and the dual time when traveling outside my local time zone.
I fear that this is a slippery slope. I am already saving for a moon phase and I think the Due Ore is the best GMT design I have seen, so that may be my third.
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