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There is no charge for customizing colors unless you want gold hands or something like that.This is exactly why I wanted an OuJ. Everything else I was looking at was too staid and serious. Style should be fun, no?
Hardly. I can't compare to many posters in this thread. And it will take me a couple of years to save for the next two.
I plan to wear the annual calendar during the day, the moonphase in the evening, and the dual time when traveling outside my local time zone.
I fear that this is a slippery slope. I am already saving for a moon phase and I think the Due Ore is the best GMT design I have seen, so that may be my third.
It is an annual calendar, so it only has to be reset on March 1. I got the colors in the picture with a brown strap and a dark gray strap. The dial in the pictures looks tan, but it is really Pantone Warm Gray 3C.
This is en route from Lucerne to me as of this morning...
That is classic.
Be aware that B. Nelson cannot replicate the double row of stitching that Viberg does. I found this out after the fact when they came back with the new stitching done more or less over the top of the decorative 2nd row. See below. You can even see where the original row of stitching was much closer to the edge.Totally ruined the look of my boots in my opinion. I haven't worn them since getting them back from B. Nelson.Also, if you ship them in a box you want back, like the...
New Posts  All Forums: