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I suggest that you contact Guy Ferguson. You can find his info in this thread.
If you have the double row of stitching and want that reproduced on the resole, do not send them to any place other than Viberg. I sent my Boondockers to a highly regarded shop in Manhattan and was assured they could reproduce the double row. They botched it horribly. Pay the shipping and be willing to wait to have Viberg do it right.
Hilarious as this happened to me not 10 min. ago. Not Gesha, though.
Not possible if your grind is correct.
I want the derby in the exact make up shown as the prototype.
When will the derby shoe be available, as a sample or production?
Reading for comprehension is a lost skill.
That's why I do everything from roast to brew at home. I can get 16+ cups for less than $10. Tastes better, too.
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