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It's become my morning routine, replacing a Chemex. Cleaner taste, no paper to rinse (and rinsing never fully removes paper taste). Highly recommended.
Since you compare the Kudu to Chromexel, would this be a good treatment?http://www.hangerproject.com/shoe-care/material/chromexcel/saphir-greasy-leather-cream.html
What about Kate Upton wearing a watch and wielding a knife?
More Kate Upton or similar.
It may be the resolution and the lighting, but this reads grey on my screen.
Thanks, that's enough for me to keep looking.
How big is said room?
For those who have seen the lavender tattersall in person, how close do you have to be to distinguish the lavender color? I'm looking for a light grey sport coat and this might fit the bill if the lavender is not predominant.
Lighten up, Francis.
Need an update, stat!
New Posts  All Forums: