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Yes, it is one of those colors that could be amazing or a trainwreck. Impossible to know without seeing it on me, but leaning toward trainwreck with my (lack of) hair and coloring.
Was the Caine retired?
Hey Mike, other than shell v calfskin, what are the differences between the Reiter and the Carmina versions of the Alt Wien?
I'm also a 9.5 in the 2030 last and Jason at Viberg insisted that the 110 last would fit the same. Turned out not to be correct. Glad it worked out for you. My lesson from this is I won't buy anything from Viberg that I can't see and try on first.
It has to be said that we haven't even finished January and Epaulet is headed for a banner year.
I make a 600ml batch using Chemex every morning on the weekends.
Not sure about width, but I found the boondocker last similar to Alden Barrie or Trubalance.
Is it OK to use a steamer on the Loro baby camel hair sportcoat?
I'm pretty sure they are well north of $2000.
What size are you and how does the size M fit? I can't decide if I am a medium or large. I'm a 42, which would be a M in most of Leder's tops, but not sure if this is meant to fit oversize.
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