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Nothing says the holidays are coming like NYR's facial hair.
What DB blazer are you wearing?If there is one negative to living in SF, it is that there is no summer to fall transition. Summer, fall, and even winter kind of flow into each other.
Title says it all. PM me.
Gives new meaning to "lucky shirt."
Went to make an impulse buy on these, but, alas, my size is not in stock.
Sporting the infraRED polo today. A couple of thoughts... I wouldn't change a thing about the collar. Yes, it is unusual for a polo, but this keeps it from looking like every other generic polo out there. Well, that and the color and the quality. I steamed it when I took it out of the packaging. I found this loosened it up a bit. It has also stretched out slightly through the day as I have moved around. It was on the border of tight in the morning. Now it drapes nicely.
Doctor, I need the ordering page, stat!
I disagree, but to each their own. As Tim Gunn says..."What’s the biggest mistake men make with respect to dressing?Tim Gunn: They wear clothes that are too big. I see it all the time."
How the eff did I miss this???
So I crossed the Alec Baldwin line 5 years ago. Happy Friday to me!
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