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Seriously? These are less than 3 months old.
In the spirit of "damage report"... Can these be repaired or do I need a full resole? In either case, any recommendations in San Francisco? Thanks.
I find all Sightglass coffees to be one note. Their roasts don't get much depth of flavor. Still better than Ritual.
More proof that the list is crap... Ritual is the only place in SF on the list and Four Barrel didn't make it. Ritual is vastly overhyped and overrated.
I ordered the Lido today based on your helpful comments. I thank you. My wallet not so much.
I have been seriously considering the Lido or the Pharos for a medium grind to brew in my Chemex. The Pharos only holds 21 grams in the upper hopper and I usually brew 40 grams, so I would have to grind twice.
Which location has the size 36 of the new style?
The dove linen and tropical taupe would make great summer suits, too bad there aren't matching jackets.
I started with the Conair, but found that the water condesated too much unless the head was kept above shoulder height. I then spent the extra on a Jiffy steamer with a metal head. Highly recommended.
Nothing says quality like Coffeeking 3 in 1 Instant Coffeemix.
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