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Dropped by the Orchard St. store last Friday after a day of walking around Manhattan. My best friend is a law student on a limited budget and Matt spent a lot of time advising on best value options. I think he will be a future Epaulet customer when funds allow. Mike sent a "guten tag" all the way from Berlin like a boss. I picked up my 3rd Epaulet sport coat and ordered the hopsack trousers to complete the suit with the Caine blazer. Once again props to Michael, Adele,...
And thus ends my loyalty to Epaulet...The Valencia corridor between 15th and 18th is turning into quite the clothing strip. Self Edge and Freeman's Sporting Club are almost across the street from each other with Taylor Stitch a few blocks north next to Four Barrel Coffee (the best).
Clearly, the next Epaulet expansion should happen in San Francisco. Great foot traffic, similar weather to NY so both stores stock the same inventory, and I could volunteer to manage. /discussion
Elaborate what "irony" means.
Seriously??? Nobody is obligated to respond to PMs. You need to get over yourself.
Shoe trees are a must for me. Jos A Bank occasionally runs 3 for 1 sale and I stock up.
No size 44 love on the Marcello jackets? I guess I just saved $545.
No tats and booze. Lacks street cred.
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