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You can't argue. Ain't even arguable as it's a fact of truth.He's already won. He's a winner on the interwebz.
Nope, you win. You're a winner.
Sure it is.
If it is a blade grinder, it isn't fine.
Agreed, that is the "one watch" in my modest collection.
My solution would be to not agitate light roasts. Problem solved.
My old neighborhood (3rd Place off Court Street). Brings back a lot of nostalgia.
Is this the same color as the Four Roses silk from a couple years ago?
Here's a picture. You can see the rust on the date wheel. It is interesting that the water spots on the dial are more visible to the naked eye than in this picture. I get the whole "character" thing with vintage watches, but all the rust and water spots do is make me want to kick myself for not taking it off.
Thanks all, I came to the conclusion that they did the best they could to get it running while retaining originality. I just wanted confirmation. I will see if I can find a period correct replacement dial and date wheel, but live with the water damage in the meantime. Resale value is not an issue as it is a birth year watch that I will keep. I would like it as clean as possible if I can find a replacement dial and/or date wheel.
New Posts  All Forums: