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Is anyone else annoyed by emails stating "discounts up to 30% off" when the majority of items are 15-20% off? Give me a flat discount on everything (ala Hickorees).
On a rainy Sunday in SF, I am thankful for my American Trench (http://epauletnewyork.com/collections/outerwear/products/american-trench-dark-navy-coat) and Epaulet x Thorogood horsehide workboot. The perfect combination to stay dry and slip free.
Update: Take both for $900 ($100 off individual prices) PLUS I will include your choice of any of the items at the end of this post. Still, please note that the "best offer" box is not checked. Southwick for Epaulet “Caine” in Admiral Navy Flannel. Description from Epaulet… “The Caine’s basic features include 3-roll-2 styling (where the top button sits as ornament and rolls away for the second button to be fastened), double rear vents, slim notch lapels, royal purple 3/8...
Please note that the "best offer" box is not checked. Prices include paypal and shipping CONUS only. For sizing reference, I am 6' 1", 210 lbs., between a 42 and a 44 suit size. Schott black cafe racer horsehide leather coat. Size XL. Made in the US. Worn maybe 6 times. Could definitely wear a sweater under this one. $500. Billy Reid brown waxed canvas duster. Size L. Made in the US. Could definitely wear a sweater under this one. $250.
Please note that the "best offer" box is not checked. Price includes paypal and shipping (CONUS only). Stephan Schneider mohair sweater, size 6 - $175 includes paypal and shipping CONUS only. Pit = 24" Sleeve (from collar seam) = 30" Length = 28" Can't measure shoulder as there is no seam. This is meant to fit baggy.
I recall the pyramid is a mix of coffee, drugs, wine, women, and song.
Picked up the holiday edition KONE, hopeful it will replace the cloth filters for my Hario Woodneck.
If you are getting bad pour-over, it is the fault of the barista, not the method. That's like getting burnt steak at several places, then stating that you do not like steak.
Would love to see some stuff online if there is anything unsold. Hard to get there from San Francisco. 23" chest, 18.5-19" shoulders, 16.5-17 neck size.
Send to Viberg. I found out the hard way that they are the only place that can keep the double row stitching. The stitching on my boondocker resole is awful and it was done by a highly reputable place.
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