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Still founded and located in Portland.
Chromatic / Barefoot is OK IMO. Top 5 in no order. Four Barrel - San Francisco Stumptown - Portland Coava - Portland Paper or Plastik? - Los Angeles Ma'velous - San Francisco There was a time when Blue Bottle would have made the list, but the quality of their coffee went down while their prices went up. I feel there should be something from New York on my list, but I left in 2006 and there wasn't much good then.
I don't agree with the collective wisdom of Reddit.
Two nice offerings on Hodinkee today. I thought about pulling the trigger on one, but I struggle with YG.
I get 18.25 when pulled taut.
Just wanted to confirm, if I am a 36 in Tellason, I'd want a 38 in Ooe collab?
Damn, I'm a 36 and 38 is not available. On the bright side, saved $355!
Actually, "tack" is correct.TACK/tak/a method of dealing with a situation or problem; a course of action or policy. "as she could not stop him from going she tried another tack and insisted on going with him."synonyms: approach, way, method.TACT/takt/adroitness and sensitivity in dealing with others or with difficult issues. "the inspector broke the news to me with tact and consideration."
They countered at $7K shipped overnight and I declined. My max was $5K, so, as mimo said, it was not meant to be.
Bummed I missed this today on Hodinkee's shop.
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