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They countered at $7K shipped overnight and I declined. My max was $5K, so, as mimo said, it was not meant to be.
Bummed I missed this today on Hodinkee's shop.
Thanks. I would be buying to wear it in regular rotation. They are asking $9K, but "entertaining all offers." I am thinking of offering $4800. Worst that can happen is they decline.
I'm still looking for a Reverso from the 1930s. Any comments on this currently available from Robert Maron?
Can anyone advise on how the driving moc - http://www.rancourtandcompany.com/men-s/american-driving-mocs/venetian-driving-moc.html - fits in comparison to Alden Barrie last?
Why not post in a thread about tea?
For those that have experience with the Master-Piece "Over" daypack and flaptop pictured below What do you like about it? What would you change, if anything?
I am brewing Sweet Maria's Ethiopia Yirga Cheffe Dry Process - Gedeb Asasa this week. I roasted to Full City, slightly darker than usual. I am not sure about the mouth feel I get from dry process.
I love the drop in contributors with sophisticated taste.
Me too. I would purchase if I had some certainty on the dial refinish. I can't find any similar dials.
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