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I'd be curious how many posters to this thread actually do their own home brewing daily using a variety of methods/techniques and how many read about brewing techniques online and complain about third wave roasters.
Up dosing will result in the opposite of a cup with more body.
The Meatball Shop on Stanton at Allen is really good.
I have two emails regarding a suit that have not been answered.
I emailed a few weeks ago for availability of this suit and did not receive a response. http://www.carsonstreetclothiers.com/shop/sale/tailoring/product/1442/tiporawsilksuit
Curious what estimated delivery on this MTO is? I am traveling to NYC early Sept. and would love to take these.
I also went with same size because my service boots on the 2030 last fit perfectly with dress socks.
I will probably go by after work to take a look, but there is a lot out there right now in this price range. I'm looking at a Boglioli suit and an Ovadia and Sons 3-piece for under $1K each.
I just called Bloomingdale's SF and the sales guy told me there is no sale right now on Eidos - everything is full price. So they either sold through everything that made sale or he has incorrect information.
Those things are nice, but with the price not including shipping, they better include female breasts pressed up against my face. I would say I'm out, but I was never in.
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