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I picked up my 1965 Datejust last week from the overhaul prompted by water getting inside. It is running fine, but I have a couple of questions. First, the date wheel now has rust spots. I asked about it when I picked it up and was told I would have to find a replacement. Is it correct that a repair/service center can't remove rust from a date wheel? Also, the dial has water spots visible to the naked eye. Should I expect those to have been cleaned up during service or...
My Behmor sits on my kitchen counter next to my stove top. The Behmor has smoke suppression and I turn on the exhaust fan to eliminate any smoke that does get out. From a purely economic view, I go through about 26 lbs of coffee a year. At an average of $7/lb for green beans, that is $182. Compare that to buying roasted beans at an average of $14 (at the LOW end) for .75 lbs. and I would pay $455. That's almost the cost of a Behmor roaster in the first year. For those...
Those costs are recovered in the long haul. I can get 2+ lbs of green coffee for less than 3/4 lbs of roasted coffee.
Not at that price. I can get all my green coffee for under $10/lb. Even Gesha is less than $30/lb.
I like the first one for spring, not sure linen would work in colder weather.
Anyone else have input? They arrive on Tuesday.
Considering that I already own 4 navy suits and 3 brown suits, which should I add? This is already paid for, I just need to decide on color.
I am way ahead if confusing which varietal of coffee I roasted is the worst mistake of mine that the world knows about.
Boy is my face red. I went to roast my next batch this morning and realized that my last roast was not Gesha, but Ethiopia Yrgacheffe meant to be roasted to 2nd crack. The notes say, "Wild, spicy, individual nature" which I tasted as effervescent.Glad that I didn't butcher the Gesha like I thought. I did roast the Gesha this morning, still a little over (16.5%), but acceptable.
New Posts  All Forums: