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How about those Ochs und Junior watches?
Why, yes. Love my annual calendar. I might eventually change the dial color, but an elegantly understated watch. Some might find it a bit on the thick side, but I have a vintage DJ for dressier occasions.The ETA base does not bother me given the amount of ingenuity in reducing an annual calendar to 5 gears. I see they just introduced a perpetual calendar. Want.
With 18 options between the 2 make ups, are there any that stand out in person? It's hard to tell from a swatch on a computer screen.
Read that before I asked. I don't go by Euro sizing, which is why I gave an Alden example.
Little help here?
I am a size 10 in Alden Barrie last. What size should I order the La Portegna espadrilles? Thanks!
In bed.
I roast 1/2 lb. of beans, let rest for a day, then store in the Airscape. Keeps fresh for 10-14 days. Might last longer, but that is the time I go through 1/2 lb.
I'd be in for the cotton/linen sweater and pajama shirt if Eidos made them available online.
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