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I have an original Lido and just picked up a Feldgrind to use for travel. I have not done a head to head test counting time and number of cranks, but I don't find that my Feldgrind takes significantly longer to grind a 19g dose compared to the Lido. Maybe the Lido 3 is faster than the original Lido. If so, another new toy to buy!
Looking to buy an unaltered pair of the OA02XX-1966 One Wash Time Machine in size 38. Missed out on Standard and Strange, hoping to snag a pair here. PM me if you have for sale, thanks.
This is where you went wrong.
That would mean roasting another batch darker. I would not go through a double batch before it went stale.
Do y'all have any tricks or favorite brew methods for light roasts? Every once in a while I will end a roast slightly too early on my Behmor and I don't want to toss the batch.
I found them over-roasted when I moved to SF area in 2006 and the same when I left last summer.
Good call. Forgot about them.
The usual suspects are Four Barrel, Sightglass, Ritual, and Blue Bottle. The last is overpriced and over-roasted for my tastes.
While all of the above is true regarding beans, water, and burr set, do not overlook how the burr set is implemented. Some cheaper grinders use a good burr set, but the adjustment mechanism or bearings are wonky. This results in the same inconsistent grind as a lesser quality burr set. I have seen some articles recommending using tape to keep the burr set stable. For home use, I use the original OE Lido. For travel, I use the Zassenhaus Panama.
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