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Have yet to decide on dress or sport. Up to $5K?
Per my previous post, any recommendations for reputable sources for a watch from 1965 (my birth year)? Thinking Rolex or Omega. Thanks!
Yeah, I think the dial is a replacement. I think I will pass.
I am considering a birth year watch to celebrate my 50th. Opinions on the Tudor 7928 Sub? This one is listed at $2800. "As you can see, the watch has been worn a few times. The minute hand is losing some of its insert material. The dial appears to be a Rolex service dial. Case is original. Bezel is missing the little dot in the triangle (at 50 years, you may be missing a little of your luster as well.) Sets, runs and bezels nicely. No moisture gets in. Otherwise, the...
I have never used it for press, but figure that 1/4 turn = 1 "click" on the porlex and try this guide (starting from tightest setting or full clockwise): Extra Fine (Turkish) = 1 - 2 clicks Fine (Espresso) = 3 - 4 Medium-Fine (Fine-Medium?) = 5 - 6 Medium (Filter) = 7 - 8 Medium-Coarse = 9 - 10 Coarse (French Press) = 11 - 12
Damn you.
Yes. And a mini-scale for travel.
Pour over is only weak or under extracted if the person doing it doesn't know how to do it right. The same applies to espresso. There is nothing wrong with either method, but both require attention to detail. In contrast, French Press, CCD, etc. are almost impossible to eff up and require minimal, if any, attention span.
Not if done right.
I have used up to 18g in the Panama Mill I linked to. I don't use it for coarse grind, so I can't comment. I only use it for Chemex or Aeropress.
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