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Somewhat agreed. A roast that does not reach at least City profile (using Sweet Marias terminology) will likely taste just as bad as over-roasting. And I only stop at City roast for Gesha. Everything else is roasted to between City+ and Full City+ depending on Sweet Marias taste notes and my target.
On the tastes of the drinker, sure.
Roasting into second crack is overroasting for anything other than espresso.
It's not an issue of structured or unstructured. Look back through this thread at the various derby pictures. They did a sample derby that was posted on their Tumblr page with a much slimmer profile. Others are on a last with a toe box that resembles their service boot.
Hate the toe box. It looks like a low top service boot. I want a derby to be slim, not chunky.
Are you overdosing and adding water after brewing? If so, I avoid that method. Best method I have found is Coava Coffee's - http://coavacoffee.com/blogs/news/9853248-coava-250-brew-series-aeropress.I use a Porlex mini 3 clicks open. It's definitely not as clean as a Chemex or Woodneck, but a nice alternative.
Navy hopsack.
Stop with the creepy "nephew" fixation.
Woodneck produces a cleaner cup. I clean the cloth filter every month with some diluted JoeGlo and replace it every three months.
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