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When will the derby shoe be available, as a sample or production?
Reading for comprehension is a lost skill.
That's why I do everything from roast to brew at home. I can get 16+ cups for less than $10. Tastes better, too.
And you are questioning those who prefer single origin? Just sayin'.
My thoughts exactly.
Behmor 1600. I couldn't justify spending more, though when you consider cost of goods and cup yield, I'm usually at ~$0.50 per cup. The savings are definitely worth it.
Roasted 1/2 lb. of Panama Esmeralda Gesha last week. Tricky to roast because you have to avoid second crack, but the results in the cup are stellar. If any coffee is worth $26.50 a pound, this is it. Considering a pound yields 16-20 cups, I'm still around $1.65 per cup or less.
I haven't seen any responses to Mike's offer of MTO sportcoats in brown wool-mink-cash. What's up with that?
New Posts  All Forums: