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Where's the plane?Seriously, although I am all for looking sharp and making an effort when flying, I also understand that it's a pain in the ass. Sometimes a person simply wants to be comfortable. It's not like you are in a business meeting or looking for love (in all the wrong places).
Agreed, I just prefer the aesthetic of a one piece back. Although I can see the reason they didn't do one piece was to show the contrasting leathers.
Thoughts on the Hickorees 1920s Civilian A-1 Moto Jacket, Two-Tone Horsehide Leather? I love everything except that it does not have a one-piece back.
Why not? Comfort over fashion when traveling.Types the person who has bought suits in materials made to travel well...
A first hand, balanced and well-reasoned contribution. Bravo to you, sir!
Aaaannnddd, there it is. Thank you, goodnight! Don't forget to tip the waitstaff!
Omert4 - serious question... what is your purpose in trashing Viberg? Other than your comment about loose stitching, you have yet to contribute any first hand experience. This thread alone has over 9200 posts of mostly positive experiences with both Viberg's products and customer service. The comparatively few issues have been addressed and it's not your place to complain if it's not your first hand experience. You are regurgitating (selectively, I might add) second hand...
"Have a discussion with us in a respectful manner and understand what others are saying from a holistic point of view instead of pulling little bits off reddit, ignoring the body of posts here, and only using those bits of some of those posts that support your skewed opinion in an inaccurate fashion to try and discredit Viberg." Fixed it for you. Goose, gander.
Again, Viberg does not have a storefront. It's a shop where they are busy making shoes and boots. Given your comment that 2-3 days is a long time to ship, you clearly have zero experience running a business. Also, none of my Vibergs have loose stitching or toe puckering, so please don't universalize your limited personal experience. Your massive intake of reddit clearly has not prepared you to contribute here without being made to look foolish.
Reddit is for posers with too much time to waste. But thanks for the link.
New Posts  All Forums: