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Makes sense, I got the 2nd version with a finer mesh. Same results as the S-filter.
I did my first brew with the S-filter last night and don't detect any difference from the Able DiskFine. Are you using the original Able Disk?
I can't say the same, but it is an interesting break on occasion.
Last night I roasted a pound of Ethiopia Dry Process Yirga Cheffe Chele'lektu from Sweet Marias. It probably needs to rest a couple more days, but I went ahead and brewed a cup using the Aeropress tonight. Results are promising. I find dry process to have an odd mouthfeel, almost syrup-like or imagine drinking a cup of juiced cherries (the mouthfeel, not the flavor).
Agreed, although I have never tried the CCD. Chemex/Woodneck yield more acidity than Aeropress.
Haters gonna hate, champions gonna parade.
The best sizing advice is order from a place that accepts returns.
Correct, it's a crap shoot. I am a 10.5 in most shoes, 10 in Alden Barrie and Trubalance and a 9.5 in all my Vibergs. But again, it's a crap shoot and you should not take sizing advice from the internet.
Yeah, if I detect too much fines in the cup, I just grind slightly coarser and that takes care of it.
Finer mesh than the DiskFine from Able? Ordered to investigate.I use a Porlex mini at work set to 4 clicks counter-clockwise from closed. It does generate more fines than my other two grinders - an Orphan Espresso Lido for when brewing with a Hario woodneck and a Zassenhaus Panama Coffee Mill for Aeropress at home or when traveling.
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