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Again, Viberg does not have a storefront. It's a shop where they are busy making shoes and boots. Given your comment that 2-3 days is a long time to ship, you clearly have zero experience running a business. Also, none of my Vibergs have loose stitching or toe puckering, so please don't universalize your limited personal experience. Your massive intake of reddit clearly has not prepared you to contribute here without being made to look foolish.
Reddit is for posers with too much time to waste. But thanks for the link.
Burberry shoes are cheaper than Viberg because they are crap. Talk about poser mentality, pot meet kettle.Also, Viberg doesn't have a "store" they have a shop where people are busy making shoes and boots. It's not a retail outlet."In some Viberg documentary" - Could you be more specific? Maybe post a link? If not, then such documentary is a fiction.
Interesting how you only post to bash Viberg. While I acknowledge they have issues, I still own 5 pairs and can tell you that they are better constructed than comparable Carmina boots. Although, as pointed out by meso, Carmina makes dress boots.Maybe it's time for you to get out of mom's basement and enjoy the wide world out there.
I prefer Dainite for the simple reason that I don't have to worry as much about stepping on glass. I live in an urban area with a surprising amount of broken glass on the streets/sidewalks. I am always careful when wearing double leather because one piece of glass can ruin them. The Dainite are much more robust.
Actually, if I saw these, I would think, "There is someone living an interesting life and wearing shoes the way they are meant to be worn instead of sitting around trolling styleforum or reading reddit."Also, those are Italian calf, so not sure why you are using them as an example in your CXL discourse.
The spoiler button is your friend when you reply with quote.
Was looking to order the "beast of a tie" or the Irish tweed, but, alas, both are gone.
We should take up a collection to pay you for teaching us what we fail to see with our own eyes. This must be what Luke felt like when first training with Yoda. All my CXL shoes that I thought were aging beautifully are actually flawed junk and not worth the price. Sad I am.
Aside from the flapgate issue, my natural CXL derbies are some of the most beautiful shoes I own. They are developing an amazing depth of patina.
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