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This occurred to me this morning. Think of roasting coffee as a chef adding salt to food. There is a point where the salt enhances the flavors without tasting "salty." Anything less and the flavors are subdued, anything more and the taste of salt masks the flavors of the dish. There is the same sweet spot with roasting.
Yes, please.
Arguing with people on the internet is like the Special Olympics. Even if you win, you're still retarded. I choose not to run. That said, having spent countless hours learning about home roasting and brewing and doing it myself for over 3 years, Joshua is a wealth of practical and accurate information. Arguing with him if you don't have his expertise is like a consumer telling Edward Green how they should make shoes, because, hey, wearing shoes makes you an expert on...
Makes sense, I got the 2nd version with a finer mesh. Same results as the S-filter.
I did my first brew with the S-filter last night and don't detect any difference from the Able DiskFine. Are you using the original Able Disk?
I can't say the same, but it is an interesting break on occasion.
Last night I roasted a pound of Ethiopia Dry Process Yirga Cheffe Chele'lektu from Sweet Marias. It probably needs to rest a couple more days, but I went ahead and brewed a cup using the Aeropress tonight. Results are promising. I find dry process to have an odd mouthfeel, almost syrup-like or imagine drinking a cup of juiced cherries (the mouthfeel, not the flavor).
Agreed, although I have never tried the CCD. Chemex/Woodneck yield more acidity than Aeropress.
Haters gonna hate, champions gonna parade.
The best sizing advice is order from a place that accepts returns.
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