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If you want a moon phase, take a look at the most accurate and innovative watch available -
Which is why I started home roasting. Also, I can get a pound of green beans for around $7 instead of paying $15-20 for 3/4 lbs.
Maybe you could fuck it up, but I don't.
This, plus I get to determine the roast profile instead of leaving it to someone else.
Thanks to indesertum's inquiry about roasting, I ordered the replacement control panel to upgrade my Behmor to the Behmor Plus. I can quit anytime I want...
I don't recall my research, but I went with the Behmor because I came to the conclusion that a drum roaster was better. have never heard of the Scott Rao roasting book.The Behmor doesn't produce "smoke" exactly unless you like carbon (Starbucks). It does emit a strong roasting smell. I have mine right next to the exhaust fan above my stove and I keep the fan running during the roast and for a couple hours after. I...
I bought the Behmor 1600 (now I see they have released the 1600 Plus, damn it) from Sweet Maria's - comes with 8 lbs of green coffee to get you started. My one tip for a beginning roaster is resist the urge to hit the "cool" button early. It took me six months before I was comfortable letting the roast hit 2nd crack (if that is the profile I am targeting). The Behmor manual...
This arrives today.Did you get the grind size down?
"Trying to be all things to everyone is a pretty good way to ensure that you won’t be something special to anyone." Could be applied to most brands, watches, clothing, et al.
How much does replacement dial and hands impact the value of a Rolex Explorer I 1016?
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